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dc457: spring 1619 comments - mmedeiros   (Jul 04, 2013, 11:08 pm)
Spain continues its eastward push taking Lower Saxony. English fleet destroyed after Spanish reconquest of Galicia. Scandinavia loses its hold of Silesia; army lost after attempting to enter Brandenburg. English fleet now occupies Normandy, resulting in a French garrison in the Netherlands surrounded by English and Spanish units. Austria's expansion continues but its push into central France is thwarted by the army of Savoy, and an unsuccessful attempt to gain Tunis fails after a naval clash with Spain.


Influence Phase (1619) - mmedeiros   (Jun 28, 2013, 10:07 pm)
Comments: Heavy-handed diplomatic efforts by the great powers has led to a shift in the European alliance system. Papal States agree not to help Austrian predominance after the French demand the Vatican to cease supporting Austria's military advances through central Europe. Polish government declares neutrality as Protestant and Catholic factions clash internally over Poland's role in the east. Livonia restores its allegiance with Scandinavia. Savoy, a once staunch ally of France, pledges to assists the Spaniards (some say government corruption, others believe it is due to lavish bribes and promises of land grants). The Lower Saxons after months of pressure from the Anglicans finally enter into an alliance with England.

States aligned with Austria: BAV, FRC, HES, HNG

States aligned with Spain: SAV

States aligned with England: LOW

States aligned with Scandinavia: LIV

Catholic controlled states: RHI, LOR, VEN, PAP, TUS, BAV, FRC, SAV

Protestant controlled states: IRE, LIV, SAX

Neutral States: DAN, LOR, MEC, PAP, POL, RHI, SAX, TUS, VEN


DC457: Fall 1618 - mmedeiros   (Jun 20, 2013, 10:12 pm)
Comments: Prussia now in the hands of the Scandinavians (as well as Silesia). England invades Brittany forfeiting the attack on the Spanish-held Dutch provinces! (Has the alliance collapsed?) Austria continues its expansion; pierces the French eastern front (army of Savoy in retreat); Austrian fleet now moving through the Tyrrhenian Sea. Spain takes Algiers and southern French port in Languedoc.


DC457: Spring 1618 Events - mmedeiros   (Jun 14, 2013, 1:09 am)
Comments: The battle for the Netherlands is heating up as the French push into the southern region; Spain abandons the position for a fierce attack against the Westphalians for their treachery. English attempt on the Dutch provinces fails. To protect Portugal, the Spanish abandon Galicia, which is quickly overtaken by the English fleet in the Bay of Biscay. And to make matters worse for the Spaniards, their Hapsburg cousins lay claim to Swabia, mount a massive offensive, with Bavarian and Franconian support, and swiftly eliminate the Spanish garrison there! Scandinavia's attempt against Prussia fails as Poland supports the Prussian army at the behest of the Austrians. Army of Savoy with French support moves into Switzerland to establish a front against the advancing Austrians. French and Spanish fleets clash over the Balearic Sea.


DC457: 1618 Influence Phase - mmedeiros   (Jun 08, 2013, 12:18 pm)
The desperation of the major powers to influence the remaining minor states has led to several states declaring neutrality and others remaining as such.

After spearheading the attack on Lithuania, in support of the Scandinavians' grand strategy, Livonia declares neutrality after an Austrian diplomatic effort, demanding Livonia to end its allegiance with Scandinavia, proves successful. Livonian army, however, holds its position in Lithuania.

In a similar reversal, Saxony breaks its ties with Austria, declares neutrality as Protestant factions take hold.

In a major turn in events, Westphalia, staunchly allied with Spain since the start of the war, has now entered into an alliance with England, offering complete support of military advances.


DC457: FALL 1617 RESULTS - mmedeiros   (Jun 02, 2013, 9:42 pm)

Milan falls to the French as the Tuscan army withdraws.

Swabia comes under Spanish rule; Swabian army disbanded. Tunis also conquered by the Spaniards.

English-French naval assault of Galicia fails.

Posen reels from a failed Austrian attack (Polish support cut by Danzig army). Lithuanian army lost after a Livonian attack with Scandinavian support. Scandinavia solidifies its hold of Brandenburg.

Austria continues its conquest of the Ottoman vassal states.


SPRING 1617 COMMENTS - mmedeiros   (May 27, 2013, 12:39 pm)
Tuscan army, under the influence of the English and with support of the army in Savoy, overcome the Spanish garrison in Milan. French forces push through into Switzerland with support from the Swabian army.

The Scandinavians make landing in Brandenburg overwhelming the Austrian occupiers! However, they give way to English naval offensive in the North Sea. (So, we thought the Scandinavians would pull out of the war after a tentative letter of resignation from the leaders over political rules of engagement. Was this a diplomatic ploy?)

English and French fleets approach the Iberian peninsula.

Austria continues its expansion to the East.

Failed French offensive against the Spanish Netherlands heightens the tension between the two.


DC457: OPENING MOVES - mmedeiros   (May 10, 2013, 11:27 pm)
With the influence phase, an interesting but awkward situation arises. Neutral states beginning with MEC stretch down into the RHI. Austrian forces move north to secure the Baltic states. French move towards the Netherlands. The Spanish capture the Dutch Republic forfeiting objective VPs for a gain in a supply center. With the destruction of the Dutch fleet and inability to provide support for F(NWY)-NTH, both England and Scandinavia stand each off at NTH.


DC457: EUROPE 1615 -- NEW PHASE -- SPRING 1616 - mmedeiros   (May 10, 2013, 11:14 pm)
The year is 1615.  The great powers of Europe expand their spheres of influence....

States aligned with Austria:  BAV, FRC, POL, SAX.
States aligned with Scandinavia: BRA, DUT, LIV.
States aligned with England:  IRE.
States aligned with France:  SWA.
States aligned with Spain: WES.
Neutral states (and impassable):  HES, LOW, MEC, HNG, RHI.
Protestant controlled states (orange cross): DUT, IRE. 
Catholic controlled states (blue cross):  BAV, MEC, PAP, POL, RHI, SWA, WES.
States with both Protestant and Catholic influence (white cross): LOW, HNG.


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