First some definitions:

Spring & Fall are MOVE phases

Summer is RETREAT only phase

Winter is RETREAT and ADJUSTMENT phase




1.1.   In the heading line of your messages, please mention the following items IN THIS ORDER :

1.1.1.      The number of the game (ex DCxxx)

1.1.2.      The country you are currently playing (ex FRA)

1.1.3.      The phase actually played (Spring, Summer, Fall, full letters) followed by the year (ex winter03)

1.1.4.      The number of your set order (ex set 1). I'll always take into account the greatest number of set each season.

...separated by "-" (dash)

ex of a heading line : DC301-FRA-winter03-set 2

Since I handle many games this will help me sort my mails.


1.2.   in writing your orders, please use UPPERCASE in the names of the countries and units and separate each command by " " (space)

ex: F SPAsc S MAR - GOL(instead of fspascsmar-gol...thanks for my eyes :-))


1.3.   you must send your orders to me


1.4.   for my part...

Each turn I'll solve the situation in the few hours following the Dead Line and Iíll join you 2 files:

-          one in .dpy format read with the freeware "realpolitik" which you can find here :

-          another in .bmp format for those who don't have "realpolitik"

I strongly recommend you get the soft.







2.1.   Victory conditions and game length

The victory conditions are of 2 types: solo or draw.

See the site at for details

The game has no programmed finish date. It lasts until one of the above victory conditions is met.


2.1.   Pace of the game

The pace will be 1 season a week

Movement orders are due each THURSDAY at 23:59 GMT

Retreats are due each FRIDAY at 23:59 GMT

Adjustment orders are due every other SATURDAY at 23:59 GMT


2.2.   The Dead Lines (DL)

The DL are due as noted above

I'll send you a message reminder 24h before the DL in order you don't miss it.

I'll send you a message to acknowledge I have received your orders. If you don't get such message close before the DL please verify

If someone is unable to play during a lap of time he has to tell me so I can adjust the DL consequently.

If you miss the DL and Iím not warned you will be NMR (No Move Received). See the site for the consequences

After your NMR Iíll send you a personal message. If I get no satisfactory answer the game will be halted for awhile and you will be immediately replaced



Before the start of the game each player will send me a list of countries noted 0,2,3,4,5,6,7

7 being the beloved country and 0 the country you absolutely donít want to play

If possible Iíll manage to satisfy each player to the best of his wishes.


I don't see anything else to tell you. Have fun...


Phantomas aka jluc.