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DCI #3 (2008) Rd 1/2


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VariantGunboat  [Wiki]
Cur SeasonSpring 01
Next Deadline2008-09-25 @ 07:00:00 GMT
Result6-Way Draw
S. C.50
Start Date2008-05-30
End Date2008-09-26
Real-Life Time120 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Angles Captain of the Watch Gold Star9ddz999cat23Draw 10 16 0 4.23 1242.34
0 Britons Order of the Brown Bear Gold Star9m_don_jDraw 10 16 0 3.25 1303.22
0 Danes Captain of the Watch Gold Star9NigsDraw 6 16 0 3.13 1310.69
0 Frisians Captain of the Watch Silver Star9derekthefeared2Eliminated 0 10 0 -5.23 1229.78
0 Irish Order of the Alliance Gold Star9FuzzyLogicEliminated 0 14 0 -7.73 1414.98
0 Norse Captain of the Watch Gold Star9leewarrentaylorDraw 8 16 0 4.4 1231.93
0 Picts Captain of the Watch Silver Star9briankingfoxEliminated 0 14 2 -5.09 1238.55
0 Saxons Order of the Shrubbery Gold Star9garry.bledsoeEliminated 0 12 0 -4.78 1210.93
0 Scots Captain of the Watch Silver Star9cl2849Draw 6 16 0 4.15 1247.91
0 Welsh Order of the Ocelot Gold Star9txurceDraw 10 16 0 3.62 1280.24

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Dc189 Winter 858

End Game Proposal 1 - DIAS. Failed.

End Game Proposal 2 - DIAS with DCI scoring Passed.

YES, congratulations - the War for Ancient England and the Continent has ground to a halt with our 6 remaining players already thinking about the next and final game in the DCI 2008 (more on the second game in the next email)

Our Final Standings

Drawn 1st - Angles, Britons, Welsh, Norse, Danes, Scots

Joint 7th - Irish and Picts

9th - Sxaons

10th - Frisisans

DCI Scoring
Angles, Britons, Welsh - 10 SC each score 6 points.
Norse - 8 SC score 4 points.
Danes and Scots - 6 SC score 2.5 points each.
Irish, Picts, Saxons and Frisians score 1 point each.

and now our cast (working up in DCI scoring)

The Danes were played by Nigel Phillips. As at the start of the 2008 DCI, Nigel wss currently ranked 16th in DC. Nigel was invited to play as the winner of the 2008 Winter Blitz Tournament.

The Scots were played by Clark Landry. Clark was ranked 5th in DC and was invited to play as one of the six top players in DC.

The Norse were played by Lee Taylor. Lee was also invited to play as one of the top six players in DC and at the time of the start of the tournament was ranked 7th.

The Welsh was played by DC heavyweight Jorge Saralegui. Jorge was invitied to play as one of the top six players in DC and was ranked 9th in DC. I thank Jorge for his entertaining comments and emails to me as the game progresses.

The Angles were played (very well I thought) by DC newcomer, Dan Dzikowicz (did i get that spelling right Dan?). Dan was ranked 23rd in DC and was invited as best ranked newcomer to the club. (fortunately for Dan, Clark who was also in the running for best newcomer moved himself up the table and into the game leaving a spot for Dan.)

The Britons were played by another DC heavyweight and recent solo winner, Mikael Johannson. This is Mikael's second DCI (finishing second to Mike Sims last year). Mikael was invited as one of the top players in DC and was ranked 3rd in DC at the time the tournament started (1st was Mike Sims and 2nd was myself - ineligible to play).

so out of curioisity.- rankings were

At the start of the Tournament and current ranking (note when you have under 10 games, the rankings move a lot)

Mike 1st Now 1st

Mikael 3rd Now 3rd

Clark 5th now 14th

Lee 7th now 23rd

Jorge 9th now 7th

Nigel 16th now 5th

Brian 21st now 21st

Dan 23rd now 37th

Derek 27th now 12th

Garry 81st now 47th

(note I got 9 out of my original 10 players for this year's DCI. Derek was my replacment as Greg Evappollo was unable to play this year)

Please submit End of Game statements to me, everyone else and to dc189@diplomaticcorp.com

oh and for the record

Scotland disband f min

Angles Build f yor.


Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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