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Cur SeasonSpring 48
Next Deadline2008-12-19 @ 23:59:00 GMT
S. C.109
Start Date2008-06-24
End Date2008-12-19
Real-Life Time179 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Order of the Oak Silver Star9MattTheLesserEliminated 0 8 0 -4.71 1207.83
0 Britain Captain of the Watch Silver Star9micoxySurvival 24 17 0 -2.1 1230.13
0 China Captain of the Watch Blank9DamienThrynSurvival 16 17 0 -2.19 1238.74
0 France Order of the Alliance Gold Star9FuzzyLogicSurvival 5 17 0 -5.79 1413.92
0 Holland Herald Silver Star9carriemuirmanCivil Disorder 0 6 2 -5.5 1198.27
0 Ottoman Captain of the Watch Gold Star9former.troutSurvival 6 17 0 -2.99 1270.01
0 Russia Order of the Acorn Silver Star9psychosis1973Survival 7 17 0 -2.81 1223.47
0 Spain Captain of the Watch Silver Star9scaponigSolo 51 17 1 31.09 1228.68
0 USA Captain of the Watch Gold Star9leewarrentaylorEliminated 0 10 2 -5 1221.72

PREV  Winter 1848 Adjudication:  NEXT    

There's is a call for a vote on a Spanish solo.
Spain currently needs 4 centers to win and Britain will be away from the 20th through January 4th, so thing Spring turn will be the last move of 2008.

Please vote with your Spring orders.

The deadline for for Spring of 1849 is Friday, December 19th; 2359 UTC.

Adjustment orders for Winter of 1848. (dc193)

Britain: Remove F Finland.
Britain: Remove A Afganistan.
Britain: Remove A Delhi.

China: Build A Chongqing.

France: Build A Vienna.
France: Build waived.

Ottoman: Remove A Armenia.

Russia: Remove F Gulf of Bothnia.
Russia: Remove A Xinjang.
Russia: Remove A Berlin.
Russia: Defaults, removing A Serbia.

Spain: Build F Phillipines.
Spain: Build F Borneo.
Spain: Build F Rio de Janeiro.
Spain: Build A Venice.
Spain: Build F Monterey.
Spain: Build F Columbia(sc).
Spain: Build F Society Islands.
Spain: Build A Loango.
Spain: Build F Guinea.
Spain: Build F Dutch Guiana.

Unit locations:

Britain: A London, A Edinburgh, F Bahama Islands, F Malaysia, F Egypt(ec), F St Petersburg(nc), A New York City, F Norway, F Sweden, A Caffrabia, F Ade, A Kasmir, F Sumatra, F Haiti, A Washington DC, F North Sea, F English Channel, F Bay of Florida, F The Azores, F Roaring Forties, F Mozabaique Channel, F Horn of Africa, F Red Sea, F N.E.Indian Ocean.

China: A Chongqing, F Yongmingcheng, A Irkutsk, A Tashkent, A Omsk, A Krasnoyarsk, A Nei Mongol, A Yunnan, A Siam, F Formosa, F China Sea, F Phillipene Sea, F Eastern Sea, F Izu Sea, F W.Pacific Ocean, F Bismark Sea.

France: A Vienna, A Holland, F Denmark, A Kiel.

Ottoman: A Angora, A Sofia, A Orenburg, A Baku, A Perm, F Aegean Sea.

Russia: A Constantinople, A Moskow, A Rumania, A Livonia, A Georgia, A Kamchatka, F Black Sea.

Spain: A Budapest, A Venice, A Loango, A Ontario, F Cape Colony, A Nantes, F Antilles, F Guinea, F Society Islands, F Dutch Guiana, F Java, F Borneo, F New Guinea, F Lisbon, F Cuba, F Monterey, F Columbia(sc), F Rio de Janeiro, F Zanguebar, F Phillipines, A Rome, F Cadiz, A Galicia, A Metz, A Rouen, A Silesia, A Abyssinia, A Ethiopia, A Cimbebas, A Nubia, F Somolia, F Solomons, A Venezuela, A Iowa Territories, A Appalachia, F Florida, A Chicago, F Bay of Biscay, F Western Mediterranean, F Ionian Sea, F Adriatic Sea, F Eastern Mediterranean, F Gulf of Maine, F Gulf of Mexico, F Eastern Carribean, F Sargasso Sea, F Cimbebas Coast, F Ant-Pacific Ocean, F Java Sea, F Celebes Sea, F Hawaii.

Ownership of supply centers:

Britain: London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Quebec, Bahama Islands, Bombay, Delhi, Malaysia, New South Wales, Madagascar, Maldives, Natal, Egypt, St Petersburg, Boston, Charleston, New York City, Norway, Sweden, Ade, Bengal, Kasmir, Ceylon, The Azores.

China: Beijing, Chongqing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Yongmingcheng, Kagoshima, Irkutsk, Edo, Hue, Tashkent, Omsk, Xining, Korea, Liaoning, Marshalls, Formosa.

France: Vienna, Holland, Denmark, Kiel, Stuttgart.

Ottoman: Angora, Bagdad, Sofia, Orenburg, Greece, Tehran.

Russia: Berlin, Constantinople, Moskow, Sevastopol, Warsaw, Rumania, Serbia.

Spain: Budapest, Venice, Loango, Ontario, Cape Colony, Paris, Nantes, Marseilles, Antilles, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Society Islands, Dutch Guiana, Java, Borneo, New Guinea, Madrid, Lisbon, Cuba, Mexico City, Monterey, Columbia, Rio de Janeiro, Zanguebar, Phillipines, New Orleans, Rome, Salerno, Abyssinia, Biafra, Liberia, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Solomons, British Guiana, Chili, Cuiaba, French Guiana, La Plata, Montevideo, Para, Peru, Venezuela, Honduras, Republic of Texas, Vancouver, Alaska, Missouri Terr., Chicago, Hawaii.

Deadline for for Spring of 1849 is Friday, December 19th; 2359 UTC.
files: http://mainecav.org/diplomacy

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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