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WB09 Round 2 Board 3


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G.M. emailsmegdwarf-at-yahoo-dot-com
Cur SeasonSpring 21
Next Deadline2009-08-17 @ 19:00:00 GMT
Result4-Way Draw
S. C.34
Start Date2009-03-23
End Date2009-08-17
Real-Life Time148 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Silver Star9PARussellEliminated 0 20 0 -6.74 1248.48
0 England Herald Blank9TubbyDraw 13 41 2 4.52 1241.8
0 France Captain of the Watch Silver Star9landru428Draw 6 41 0 4.73 1229.53
0 Germany Order of the Acorn Silver Star9psychosis1973Eliminated 0 16 2 -6.43 1213.03
0 Italy Captain of the Watch Silver Star9finchleywombleEliminated 0 40 6 -4.95 1184.29
0 Russia Captain of the Watch Gold Star9jhack16Draw 5 41 0 3.96 1275.22
0 Turkey Order of the Unicorn Silver Star9alwayshuntedDraw 10 41 0 4.91 1219.12

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The grind continues!

Nah, just kidding. It's time to lean back, smoke yourselves some kippers -- I'll be back for breakfast.

A four-way draw is declared! Pop the corks! Shower in champagne! Dance with your Aunt Rhonda! (Now, is she the one with the hot rod body? Or the one with the hairy legs?) Pop in the Kool & the Gang and sing an off-key rendition of "Celebration".

And then write your EoG. If you can detach yourselves from the recent game play, I think you'll discover that you actually played a very interesting game. What started with a Western Triple was thwarted by an Eastern Triple, quickly devolved into a massacre of the central powers, and then settled into a long grind to find a stable draw. Many congratulations are, in fact, well deserved all around the board, even amongst those who were eliminated.

Just as an informational note -- lest I forget it later -- we would've had a draw a few game years ago, but Italy's 2nd consecutive NMR squelched it.

Once again, good game all. Enjoy a well-earned rest.


Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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