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WB10 Round 1


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G.M. emailcoryfucius-at-yahoo-dot-com
Cur SeasonSpring 10
Next Deadline2010-03-15 @ 21:00:00 GMT
Result2-Way Draw
S. C.34
Start Date2010-01-04
End Date2010-03-15
Real-Life Time71 days
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| Rating Calculation
Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Silver Star9paetunyaSurvival 6 19 0 -3.43 1240.92
0 England Order of the Mammoth Silver Star9ndeilyDraw 11 19 1 12.27 1196.71
0 France Nobleman Blank9quozlEliminated 0 14 3 -5.24 1213.91
0 Germany Captain of the Watch Gold Star9NigsEliminated 0 16 1 -7.35 1350.69
0 Italy Captain of the Watch Silver Star9GodzillaEliminated 0 12 0 -5.13 1214.01
0 Russia Order of the Acorn Silver Star9psychosis1973Survival 6 19 1 -3.13 1216.54
0 Turkey Captain of the Watch Gold Star9dknemeyerDraw 11 19 0 12.03 1234.15

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The 2-way draw between England and Turkey receives a unanimous YES vote from all remaining players. Congratulations to Nathan and Dirk! Laurence and Michael earn some tournament points for survival by Austria and Russia, respectively. And although they didn't survive, thanks again to Jonathan, Nigs, and Marc for playing.

The final supply center counts are as follows:
Austria: 6 centers, survival
England: 11 centers, part of 2-way draw
France: eliminated 1907
Germany: eliminated 1908
Italy: eliminated 1906
Russia: 6 centers, survival
Turkey: 11 centers, part of 2-way draw

For reference, a copy of the final game board and map after winter 1909 adjustments is attached. Good luck in round 2, everyone!


Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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