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Imperial Saloon


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BuildImperial  [Wiki]
MapImperial1841  [Wiki]  [Stats]
Cur SeasonAutumn 16
Next Deadline2011-12-04 @ 23:59:00 GMT
Result4-Way Draw
S. C.109
Start Date2010-09-10
End Date2011-12-12
Real-Life Time459 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Blank9MattKellyDraw 17 32 0 6.28 1200.77
0 Britain Countryman Blank9WhitemageSurvival 13 32 0 -2.48 1208.31
0 China Captain of the Watch Blank9Sean2010Draw 22 32 0 6 1227.74
0 France Captain of the Watch Blank9DamienThrynAbandon 8 11 2 -6.05 1228.05
1 France Countryman Blank9johanisonEliminated 0 16 2 -2.83 1210.38
0 Holland Captain of the Watch Silver Star9waltersm1Eliminated 0 24 0 -5.51 1243.92
0 Ottoman Order of the Oak Silver Star9MattTheLesserEliminated 0 24 1 -5.55 1258.67
0 Russia Nobleman Blank9KurganAbandon 9 14 0 -3.16 1229.26
1 Russia Order of the Acorn Blank9ViperDraw 18 32 0 5.81 1232.62
0 Spain Captain of the Watch Blank9tfletch33Abandon 29 21 0 -2.36 1200.81
1 Spain Nobleman Blank9GinoKayDraw 25 32 0 5.35 1245.75
0 USA Order of the Parchment Silver Star9s2000chopsSurvival 14 32 0 -2.4 1198.13

PREV  Fall 1856 Adjudication:  NEXT    

We have a player out of town, and another that will have to leave.
So, the deadline for Autumn 1856 retreats will be Sunday, December 4th @ 2359 UTC;
and we will begin looking for a new player to take over the USA after Spring 1857.

The following units were dislodged:

Austrian F North Sea can retreat to Helgoland Bight or Skagerrak.

British A Ethiopia can retreat to Somolia or Abyssinia.

Spanish F Cuba can retreat to Haiti.
Spanish F Plauhy can retreat to Rio de Janeiro.
Spanish A Missouri Terr. can retreat to Unorganized Terr. or Appalachia.
Spanish F Mid-Atlantic Ocean can retreat to Sierra Leone or Sene Gabaia or Liberia or Cimbebas Coast.

Unit locations:

Austria: A Paris, A Nantes, A Marseilles, F Madrid, F Denmark, A Bosnia, A Coruna, A Metz, F Rouen, A Silesia, A Morocco, F Baltic Sea, F Gulf of Lyon, F Tyrrhenian Sea, F Ionian Sea, F North Sea.

Britain: F London, F Maldives, F Zanguebar, A Mozambique, A Equador, A La Plata, F Norwegian Sea, F North Sea, F English Channel, F Bay of Biscay, F Eastern Carribean, F Amazon Basin, F N.W.Indian Ocean, A Ethiopia.

China: A Delhi, F Malaysia, F Kagoshima, A Tehran, A Tashkent, A Evenki, A Hyderabad, F Ceylon, A Mandlah, A Xinjang, A Republic of Texas, A Alaska, A Iowa Territories, F Arabian Sea, F Bay of Bengal, F Gulf of Siam, F China Sea, F Sea of Okhotsk, F Bering Sea.

Russia: F Bombay, F Norway, F Cadiz, A Livonia, F Tunisia, A Ethiopia, A Donga, A Tripoli, A Omsk, A Georgia, A Bokhara, A Madras, A Perm, A Punjab, A Tabrize, F Eastern Mediterranean, F Horn of Africa, F Red Sea.

Spain: F Loango, F Cape Colony, A Guinea, F Monterey, F Columbia(sc), A Biafra, F Caffrabia, A South Africa, F Chili, F Honduras(wc), A Chihuahua, F Vancouver, A Chicago, F Western Carribean, F Brazilian Bight, F S.Atlantic Ocean, F Ant-Atlantic Ocean, F Roaring Forties, F S.E.Indian Ocean, F Ant-Indian Ocean, F Celebes Sea, F E.Pacific Ocean, F Cuba, F Plauhy, A Missouri Terr., F Mid-Atlantic Ocean.

USA: F Ontario, F Bahama Islands, F Madagascar, F Cuba, A New Orleans, A New York City, F Para, F Plauhy, A Missouri Terr., F Canaries Seaway, F Bay of Florida, F Gulf of Mexico, F Mid-Atlantic Ocean.

Movement results for Fall of 1856.

Austria: A Paris - Marseilles.
Austria: A Nantes - Holland (*Fails*).
Austria: F Holland - Rouen.
Austria: F Madrid Supports F Western Mediterranean - Cadiz.
Austria: A Bavaria - Silesia.
Austria: A Catalunia - Coruna.
Austria: A Croatia - Bosnia.
Austria: A Metz - Holland (*Bounce*).
Austria: A Rouen - Paris.
Austria: A Morocco - Holland (*Fails*).
Austria: F North Sea - Holland (*Dislodged*).
Austria: F Skagerrak - Denmark.
Austria: F Baltic Sea Convoys A Sweden - Livonia.
Austria: F Gulf of Lyon Supports F Madrid.
Austria: F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Ionian Sea.
Austria: F Ionian Sea Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea.

Britain: F London Supports F Edinburgh - North Sea.
Britain: F Edinburgh - North Sea.
Britain: F Maldives Supports F N.W.Indian Ocean - N.E.Indian Ocean.
Britain: F Dutch Guiana - Amazon Basin.
Britain: F Zanguebar Hold.
Britain: F Cadiz - Bay of Biscay.
Britain: A Ethiopia - Nubia (*Dislodged*).
Britain: A Mozambique - Natal (*Bounce*).
Britain: A Amazona - Equador.
Britain: A Bolivia - La Plata.
Britain: F Venezuela - Eastern Carribean.
Britain: F Norwegian Sea Supports F Edinburgh - North Sea (*Cut*).
Britain: F English Channel Supports F Edinburgh - North Sea.
Britain: F N.W.Indian Ocean - N.E.Indian Ocean (*Bounce*).

China: A Delhi - Punjab (*Fails*).
China: F Malaysia - N.E.Indian Ocean (*Bounce*).
China: F Kagoshima Hold.
China: A Afganistan - Tehran.
China: A Evenki - Krasnoyarsk (*Bounce*).
China: A Hyderabad - Bombay (*Fails*).
China: F Ceylon Supports F Malaysia - N.E.Indian Ocean.
China: A Krasnoyarsk - Tashkent.
China: A Mandlah Supports A Hyderabad - Bombay (*Cut*).
China: A Kamchatka - Alaska.
China: A Xinjang Supports A Krasnoyarsk - Tashkent.
China: A Oregon Terr. - Republic of Texas.
China: A Saskatchewan - Iowa Territories.
China: F Bay of Bengal - Madras (*Fails*).
China: F N.E.Indian Ocean - Arabian Sea.
China: F Gulf of Siam - Malaysia (*Fails*).
China: F China Sea Supports F Gulf of Siam - Malaysia (*Fails*).
China: F Sea of Okhotsk Hold.
China: F Bering Sea Convoys A Kamchatka - Alaska.

Russia: F Bombay Hold.
Russia: A Bagdad - Tabrize.
Russia: A St Petersburg - Perm.
Russia: F Norway - Norwegian Sea (*Fails*).
Russia: A Sweden - Livonia.
Russia: F Tunisia Supports A Hahira - Tripoli.
Russia: A Donga Supports A Soudan - Ethiopia.
Russia: A Hahira - Tripoli.
Russia: A Soudan - Ethiopia.
Russia: F Tripoli - Eastern Mediterranean.
Russia: A Omsk - Krasnoyarsk (*Bounce*).
Russia: A Bokhara - Tashkent (*Fails*).
Russia: A Madras - Hyderabad (*Fails*).
Russia: A Perm - Georgia.
Russia: A Punjab - Mandlah (*Fails*).
Russia: F Western Mediterranean - Cadiz.
Russia: F Horn of Africa - Red Sea.
Russia: F Arabian Sea - Horn of Africa.

Spain: F Cape Colony Supports F Roaring Forties - Caffrabia.
Spain: A Sierra Leone - Guinea.
Spain: A Guinea - Biafra.
Spain: F Cuba - Bahama Islands (*Dislodged*).
Spain: F Monterey Hold.
Spain: F Columbia(sc) Hold.
Spain: A South Africa - Natal (*Bounce*).
Spain: F Perth - S.E.Indian Ocean.
Spain: F Plauhy - Brazilian Bight (*Dislodged*).
Spain: F Honduras(wc) Supports F Columbia(sc).
Spain: A Nevada - Chihuahua.
Spain: A Missouri Terr. Supports A Chicago (*Dislodged*).
Spain: A Chicago Supports A Saskatchewan - Iowa Territories (*Cut*).
Spain: F Western Carribean Supports F Columbia(sc).
Spain: F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Sargasso Sea (*Dislodged*).
Spain: F Brazilian Bight - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Fails*).
Spain: F Cimbebas Coast - Loango.
Spain: F Drake Passage - S.Atlantic Ocean.
Spain: F Roaring Forties - Caffrabia.
Spain: F S.E.Indian Ocean - Ant-Indian Ocean.
Spain: F S.W.Indian Ocean - Roaring Forties.
Spain: F Ant-Indian Ocean - Ant-Atlantic Ocean.
Spain: F Java Sea - Celebes Sea.
Spain: F W.Pacific Ocean - E.Pacific Ocean.
Spain: F N.E.Pacific Ocean - Vancouver.
Spain: F Chilean Basin - Chili.

USA: F Bahama Islands Supports F Eastern Carribean - Cuba.
USA: F Madagascar Supports F N.W.Indian Ocean (*Ordered to Move*).
USA: A New Orleans Supports A Iowa Territories - Missouri Terr..
USA: A New York City - Chicago (*Fails*).
USA: A Caffrabia Supports A Mozambique - Natal (*Disbanded*).
USA: F Para Supports F Amazon Basin - Plauhy.
USA: A Iowa Territories - Missouri Terr..
USA: F Florida - Gulf of Mexico.
USA: F Hudson Bay - Ontario.
USA: F Canaries Seaway Supports F Gulf of Guinea - Mid-Atlantic Ocean.
USA: F Bay of Florida - Sargasso Sea (*Bounce*).
USA: F Eastern Carribean - Cuba.
USA: F Amazon Basin - Plauhy.
USA: F Gulf of Guinea - Mid-Atlantic Ocean.

The deadline for Autumn 1856 retreats is Sunday, December 4th @ 2359 UTC.

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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