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WB14 R1 B3


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Cur SeasonSpring 00
Next Deadline2014-05-03 @ 05:00:00 GMT
Result4-Way Draw
S. C.34
Start Date2014-01-13
End Date2014-04-29
Real-Life Time107 days
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| Rating Calculation
Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Silver Star9phantomas13Eliminated 0 8 0 -6.35 1193.74
0 England Captain of the Watch Silver Star9waltersm1Draw 5 28 0 3.94 1247.86
0 France Herald Blank9tiga124Eliminated 0 10 0 -6.43 1201.17
0 Germany Captain of the Watch Silver Star9derekthefeared2Draw 6 28 0 4.36 1223
0 Italy Captain of the Watch Blank9hapolleyDraw 8 28 0 5.24 1171.45
0 Russia Nobleman Blank9Adarr567Eliminated 0 14 0 -5.79 1186.41
0 Turkey Captain of the Watch Silver Star9finchleywombleDraw 15 28 0 5.03 1183.82

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All votes fail. Nothing much else happens.

Spring due on Monday.

Movement results for Fall of 1914. (dc482)

England: F Barents Sea Supports A St Petersburg.
England: A Burgundy Supports A Ruhr.
England: A Edinburgh Hold.
England: F Norwegian Sea Supports A Barents Sea.
England: A St Petersburg Supports A Finland.

Germany: F Baltic Sea Supports A Kiel.
Germany: A Finland Supports A St Petersburg.
Germany: F Gulf of Bothnia Supports F St Petersburg.
Germany: A Kiel Supports A Ruhr.
Germany: A Piedmont Supports A Venice.
Germany: A Ruhr Supports A Burgundy.

Italy: F Apulia Supports A Venice (*Cut*).
Italy: F Helgoland Bight Supports A Kiel.
Italy: F Naples Supports A Apulia.
Italy: A Rome Supports A Venice.
Italy: F Tunis Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea.
Italy: A Tuscany Supports A Venice.
Italy: F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Naples.
Italy: A Venice Supports A Piedmont.

Turkey: F Adriatic Sea - Apulia (*Fails*).
Turkey: F Aegean Sea Supports F Ionian Sea.
Turkey: F Albania Supports F Ionian Sea.
Turkey: A Berlin, no move received.
Turkey: A Bohemia Supports A Munich.
Turkey: F Eastern Mediterranean Supports F Ionian Sea.
Turkey: F Ionian Sea Supports F Adriatic Sea - Apulia.
Turkey: A Livonia, no move received.
Turkey: A Moscow Supports A Livonia.
Turkey: A Munich, no move received.
Turkey: A Prussia Supports A Berlin.
Turkey: A Silesia Supports A Munich.
Turkey: A Trieste Supports A Tyrolia.
Turkey: A Tyrolia, no move received.
Turkey: A Warsaw Supports A Livonia.

Unit locations:

England: F Barents Sea, A Burgundy, A Edinburgh, F Norwegian Sea, A St
Germany: F Baltic Sea, A Finland, F Gulf of Bothnia, A Kiel, A Piedmont, A
Italy: F Apulia, F Helgoland Bight, F Naples, A Rome, F Tunis, A Tuscany, F
Tyrrhenian Sea, A Venice.
Turkey: F Adriatic Sea, F Aegean Sea, F Albania, A Berlin, A Bohemia, F
Eastern Mediterranean, F Ionian Sea, A Livonia, A Moscow, A Munich,
A Prussia, A Silesia, A Trieste, A Tyrolia, A Warsaw.

Ownership of supply centers:

England: Belgium, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, St Petersburg.
Germany: Denmark, Holland, Kiel, Norway, Paris, Sweden.
Italy: Brest, Marseilles, Naples, Portugal, Rome, Spain, Tunis, Venice.
Turkey: Ankara, Berlin, Budapest, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Greece, Moscow,
Munich, Rumania, Serbia, Sevastopol, Smyrna, Trieste, Vienna, Warsaw.

Austria: 0 Supply centers, 0 Units: Builds 0 units.
England: 5 Supply centers, 5 Units: Builds 0 units.
France: 0 Supply centers, 0 Units: Builds 0 units.
Germany: 6 Supply centers, 6 Units: Builds 0 units.
Italy: 8 Supply centers, 8 Units: Builds 0 units.
Russia: 0 Supply centers, 0 Units: Builds 0 units.
Turkey: 15 Supply centers, 15 Units: Builds 0 units.

The next phase of dc482 will be Movement for Spring of 1915.

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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