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DCI #9 (2017)


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G.M. emaildandip2011-at-gmail-dot-com
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Cur SeasonSpring 00
Next Deadline2017-12-20 @ 05:00:00 GMT
S. C.44
Start Date2017-05-10
End Date2018-04-25
Real-Life Time351 days
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| Default House Rules | Rating Calculation
Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Order of the Unicorn Silver Star9alwayshuntedSurvival 2 30 0 -1.9 1231
0 Florence Captain of the Watch Gold Star9ddz999cat23Eliminated 0 8 0 -5.86 1310.03
0 France Order of the Alliance Gold Star9FuzzyLogicSolo 23 30 0 27.12 1493.93
0 Milan Order of the Raven Gold Star9fencertimEliminated 0 14 0 -7.34 1427.28
0 Naples Esquire Silver Star9ruler462Eliminated 0 24 0 -3.52 1232.2
0 Papacy Countryman Gold Star9ajsjinoSurvival 1 30 0 -3.45 1321.59
0 Turkey Order of the Shrubbery Gold Star9garry.bledsoeSurvival 5 30 0 -2.62 1293.69
0 Venice Artisan Gold Star9Shaunanthony1Survival 13 30 0 -2.44 1322.31

PREV  Fall 1468 Adjudication:  NEXT    

Shocking absolutely nobody, France stabs Venice to take three supply centers, which, along with one gained from Austria and Turkey, is enough to give Mike the solo. Congratulations Mike! That makes Mike the first three time winner of the DCI, as well as just the second player to win consecutive games!

I'd also like to congratulate Shaun, Garry, Warren, and John on their survivals, and offer my thanks to Tim, Gerry, and Dan on fighting a good fight.

In my opinion, the game just was a done deal after repeated attempts to get Venice onside with the help of stopping Mike soloing failed. I'd be very curious to know what went on behind the scenes there.


I also realize that this game was often bogged down with my own errors, and for that I apologize.

Final standings for the DCI:

1st - Michael Sims
2nd - Shaun Goodwin
3rd - Garry Bledose
4th - Warren Fleming
5th - John Spicer
6th - Gerry Bayer
7th - Tim Crosby
8th - Dan Dzikowicz

Finally, thank you all for playing. I'd also recommend keeping your eyes peeled for a possible Summer Blitz (Garry? Mike? Thoughts?) possibly coming soon. It's been an honor being your GM, and I hope to meet (and stab) you all soon!


Final supply counts:
Austria, 2: Treviso, Venice.
France:, 23: Avignon, Corsica, Cremona, Genoa, Lucca, Mantua,
Marseille, Milan, Modena, Montferrat, Naples,
Palermo, Pavia, Piombino, Saluzzo, Sardinia, Savoy,
Siena, Swiss, Trent, Tunis, Turin, Tyrol.
Papacy, 1: Padua.
Turkey, 5: Albania, Bari, Durazzo, Messina, Ragusa.
Venice, 13: Ancona, Arezzo, Austria, Bologna, Carniola, Croatia,
Dalmatia, Ferrara, Florence, Hungary, Perugia, Pisa,

A Friuli Hold
A Venice Supports A Padua
A Verona Supports A Friuli

A Aquila - Naples (*Bounce*)
A Bergamo Supports A Parma - Mantua
F Capua - Naples (*Bounce*)
A Carinthia Supports A Milan - Trent
F Central Mediterranean Supports F Palermo
A Cremona Supports A Parma - Mantua
A Genoa - Modena
F Ligurian Sea Supports A Genoa - Modena
A Lucca - Bologna (*Fails*)
A Milan - Trent
F Naples - Salerno
F Palermo Hold
A Parma - Mantua
A Piombino - Siena
A Pistoia - Florence (*Bounce*)
F Tunis - Western Mediterranean
A Tyrol - Austria (*Fails*)
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Palermo

A Padua Hold

F Bari - Lower Adriatic (*Fails*)
F Gulf of Naples Supports F Messina
A Herzegovina - Albania
F Ionian Sea - Durazzo (*Bounce*)
F Messina Supports F Gulf of Naples
F Ragusa Hold

F Ancona Supports F Lower Adriatic
A Austria Hold
A Bologna - Florence (*Bounce*)
A Bosnia - Dalmatia
A Carniola - Friuli (*Fails*)
A Croatia - Durazzo (*Bounce*)
A Ferrara Supports A Padua
A Hungary Supports A Austria
F Lower Adriatic Convoys A Croatia - Durazzo
A Mantua, no move received (*Disbanded*)
A Modena Supports A Pisa - Lucca (*Dislodged*)
A Pisa - Lucca (*Fails*)
A Rome Supports A Spoleto
A Spoleto Supports A Rome
F Upper Adriatic Convoys A Croatia - Durazzo

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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