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Cur SeasonSpring 01
Next Deadline2018-02-12 @ 23:59:00 GMT
Result2-Way Draw
S. C.34
Start Date2018-01-30
End Date2018-09-24
Real-Life Time238 days
Slideshow SC Chart
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Blank9bret_pollackEliminated 0 6 0 -4.48 1134.91
0 England Artisan Blank9AlfredDraw 14 19 0 11.71 1235.8
0 France Artisan Blank9manofkentDraw 10 19 0 11.71 1211.21
0 Germany Artisan Blank9luciocornelioAbandon 0 0 0 -6.11 1175.8
1 Germany Artisan Blank9qtkatCivil Disorder 0 13 3 -2.78 1175.8
0 Italy Artisan Blank9SilasPumpkinSurvival 2 19 0 -2.87 1190.04
0 Russia Order of the Jagged Edge Gold Star9jerome777Eliminated 0 10 0 -6.61 1288.83
0 Turkey Artisan Blank9AquastancerSurvival 8 19 0 -2.17 1190.75

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The game ends in a two-way draw - E/F. A survival is on the cards for Turkey and Italy. EGS's below.

GM Comments: Congrats to Alfred and Max. This was an interesting game and I fully expected to see a 2-way or solo. There was just a moment where Turkey stabbed that I thought he might have done it BUT he couldn't capitalize and he definitely underestimated the passion that Paul would put into stopping him after the stab. At that point it always seemed to have a 2-way in it for sure but things got really interesting with the continued failure of EGP's. I honestly thought we might keep playing this one for a while. Thanks for hanging with me guys.

English EGS:
Thank-you for overseeing the game so well!.
Katrina many thanks for taking on Germany at late notice, sorry that could not work out, very tough arriving as a late replacement.
Max thanks for being a great ally.

My main strategy in any dip game is make one rock solid alliance, eliminate the third nation in my theatre and try and instigate a stalemate on the other side. I would usually hope for a three way; me, my original ally and one survivor from the opposing side. Obviously I keep my eye out for a solo if opportunity presents itself. That nearly happened here. I just needed a few more land units in the mid game, had I attacked France the combined tur/fra land forces would have swept me out of northern Europe. By the time I was better placed to attack France the game had run out of fizz and a draw seemed the best option.

One error I made was equivocating over giving bel to fra as promised. This meant max doubted me and slowed his progress in the med as her retreated his fleets expecting a stab that was not coming. Had I have handed over the unit max would have made quicker progress in the med.
One move I was pleased with was I needed to turn turkey against Italy and then fra, but he would not until I attacked fra, which as I said above I was not about to do. I moved all my fleets one region to the west and that was sufficient to trigger turkey’s attack on Italy and to persuade him to cede Warsaw to me.

Overall a good game. Had we carried on (I nearly mischievously voted no to the two way and then blamed tur or Italy) I might have got a solo but by then there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm to see out the final turns.

A good game, well done everyone, a pleasure to play with you all

French EGS:Big thanks to Garry for running this.
Alfred and I made an early alliance which included trying to knock out Jerome as early as possible- he was the biggest threat as we saw it (thats a compliment Jerome).
A great bunch of players with different tactics and experience made this an interesting game.
As Alfred said early on I nearly switched to work with Paul after he didn't follow through on Belgium but the benefit of France's naturally defensive position on the board made me stick with Alfred as the risks were low that he could stab me , and with Russia looming.
Alder the Turk's expansion mid game was very impressive and I thought he'd take the game but it was blocked with Italy's help (revenge is great eh?) and so it was.

Italian EGS:Let’s start with the end. I’m pleased that Turkey didn’t feature in the draw. There was nailed on 4 way draw and I was giving up a lot holding the line for Turkey but he stabbed looking for a 3 way. When he did I only had one target - to shift him out of a 3 way - and I achieved that when the 2 way was agreed.

I know I said that I would never vote for a draw that didn’t include me but in the end I also became disenchanted with the game dragging on and felt that France would have eased me out to make the 2 way so I opted to end it all. I was told by France that Turkey had agreed the 2 way draw but didn’t believe him at first but when turkey’s position collapsed I saw the end in sight.

Over all I enjoyed it tremendously and would play again. It was good to be back after all those years away and although I had a tough game with few prospects after 1901 I stuck with it.

Back to the beginning. I was suspicious at first when I found out that E/F were very close geographically and I voiced these concerns but was assured that my fears were unfounded. Guess what happened.

I wrote to everyone and Austria was slow in replying; Turkey was non committal and Jerome wrote some excellent letters and seemed the best option. I said I would work with him to take out Austria and hopefully after that Turkey. Things looked good then out of the blue he didn’t move to Gal in A01 when it was wide open preferring to move to Sil. My Bohemian Rhapsody opening suddenly looked weak. Austria didn’t last long but the tempo lost by not taking Gal in A01 enabled Turkey to get going. By the time Austria was out Turkey has a solid start and Russia was caught up in a crazy war with Germany although I had a great line in Ven/Tyr/Boh the gains just weren’t there.

I soon realised I wasn’t going to feature on the winners podium and I put my efforts into scraping a 4 way draw. With enough fleets to hold off France (crucially he’d taken Tunis with an army which meant he couldn’t force ION) I knew it could be done but Turkey had ideas about a 3 way and stabbed me. I proxied to France immediately with the intention of damaging Turkey so much that he didn’t podium either and achieved this.

France and England whatever their protestations had a rock solid copper bottomed alliance and neither had any real danger in their progress to the 2 way draw. The other 5 countries scrapped and argued and had a lot of hard work to do. Turkey played well to get into the position he did but his greed got the better of him. If we’d played the A1910 season he would have lost heavily.

Thanks to all the players and the GM. It was great fun. The GMing style was very generous like reminding players about missing orders and checking on orders and votes but I prefer a long deadline to a short one. In the last century when I played before a 4 week deadline was common. Also a deadline was a deadline and NMR’s were common as were missed builds and retreats. In those days we played 2 season years with predictive retreats so you needed to time to submit exact orders.

I was also surprised when I saw another player’s orders. In the old days precision was required and units had to be specified correctly (A or F) and location and destination had to be accurate with upper case for sea spaces and lower case with an initial capital required for land spaces. GM’s ruled with a rod of iron. They were there to accept what the players orders actually said and misorders were frequent. Using the deadline as a ruse de guerre and writing to an ally with a change of order just minutes after the deadline was wonderful when it worked…

You can write me off as a nostalgic old git but thank you for the entertainment and the excitement of the game. I’ll try another soon.

Russian EGS:A brief EGS from me.

First, let me say 'thank you' to Garry for GMing this game, you did a great job, particularly whilst distracted by real-life circumstances, new jobs etc. Also, I'd like to thank the other six other players for playing in this game, and say 'congratulations' to Alfred and Max for finally grinding out the result they sought from the start of this game.

Turkish EGS:Whew! What a long game. This was my first time playing Diplomacy, although I might choose 1 day turns no diplomacy next turn. For some reason I feel like it would go faster. I greatly enjoyed this game up until everyone stopped talking, shortly before I stabbed Italy. Because of the lack of communication of the other players, I regret stabbing Jerome so early on. He would always take time to do some good diplomacy! I enjoyed plotting with him, and enjoy and regret plotting against him, although what a stab! I think I will take a long break before starting another game if I do start another one. Thank you to Garry for running the game. Thank you all for playing.

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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