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Subject:< DC 257: Moors of Venice F 06 results! >
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Posted:Sep 10, 2009 at 12:56 am
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Hey gang!! Turkey is holding slowly but steady but Russia is breathing out of an oxygen tube at this point. He has an affected Austria in his heart(land). (Okay- pretty lame.) Results!

So right now the website is a little screwy. Apparently Winter 05 on the website should actually be a retreat phase and Winter 06 is Winter 05, so I'm having trouble uploading this as Fall 06 when it thinks we've advanced past that. I can't fix it manually it seems so I'm emailing a Mod. For now this is the official word, what goes through our email, and I'll update the site ASAP.

A Budapest Hold
A Galicia - Vienna
F Ionian Sea - Naples
A Moscow Supports F Norway - St Petersburg(nc)
A Rome Supports A Venice (*Cut*)
A Serbia Supports A Budapest
A Venice Hold (*Dislodged*)

A Edinburgh Hold
F North Sea - Denmark
F Norway - St Petersburg(nc)
F Sweden Supports F North Sea - Denmark
F Yorkshire - North Sea (*Fails*)

F Belgium - North Sea
F English Channel Supports F Belgium - North Sea
A Holland Hold
A Kiel - Denmark (*Fails*)
F Liverpool Hold
A Piedmont Supports A Tuscany - Venice
A Ruhr - Munich
F Tunis - Ionian Sea
A Tuscany - Venice
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Rome (*Fails*)
A Wales - London

A Bohemia - Tyrolia
A Clyde - Edinburgh (*Fails*)
A Rumania Supports A Ukraine - Galicia
F St Petersburg(nc) - Barents Sea
A Ukraine - Galicia

F Black Sea Supports A Sevastopol
A Bulgaria Supports F Greece
A Constantinople Supports A Bulgaria
F Greece Supports A Bulgaria
A Sevastopol Hold

Our one retreat can also go off the board (OTB)
Austrian A Venice can retreat to Apulia or Trieste.

Retreat is due to me Thursday night PST by 5:00 (which should be 8 eastern)
Winter will be due Friday by 5:00 PM PST (but in all honesty I will not be able to get to it until at least 7)

Depending on the Austrian retreat (assuming it retreats here)Winter will look something like:

Austria: Supp 7 Unit 7 Build 0
England: Supp 5 Unit 5 Build 0
France: Supp 14 Unit 11 Build 3
Germany: Supp 0 Unit 0 Build 0
Italy: Supp 0 Unit 0 Build 0
Russia: Supp 2 Unit 5 Remove 3
Turkey: Supp 6 Unit 5 Build 1


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