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(World Turned Upside Down - Well Left Anyways GM - Packrat)

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Posted:Sep 11, 2009 at 11:21 am
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I may as well, before I forget. I have a really terrible memory. Let's see what I can remember, looking back at the history of the RP file.

Well, I started off on the unenviable British Isle. Not much better than Italy is used to, really. Austria and I initially agreed to work our way home together, with me taking part of Iberia and none of his other centers. Of course I knew from the start that this was a bum deal for me, since there would be no units left behind to defend my British centers. At the same time, I believe I was negotiating with France to get him home through Turkish Germany without annexing my northern centers.
I believe around the time i pushed Austria out of France, I had started talking to Germany about our future prospects. He knew he was losing all his southern centers, just as I knew I was losing all my western centers. So I tried to help him out by offering him Spain, just as I was getting home. Germany got the jump on Austria and I in builds at home by a year, but we didn't see that as a warning sign, and immediately started in on each other.
The next few years were constant begging of France and Germany not to take any more of my undefended centers because who else was going to hold the line against Lytton?? In the frenzy to get even and strike back, I never noticed the rapid expansion of Germany. It's like I had tunnel vision that could only focus on my little war. Stephen and I came to accords a little late - a mere one year before Chris snagged his last few centers. I could have finally struck back, but decided to try to salvage the game after it was already decided.
Congratulations to Chris, against whom I harbor no ill will. It was a hard fought battle and well deserved victory. Thanks to the ever-vigilant Scott/Packrat. It's always a pleasure to sail on such a tightly run ship.

Best of luck in the future,

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DC 218 Italian EOG (TheWhiteWolf) Sep 11, 11:21 am

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