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Subject:< DC266 Fall 1906 Results >
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Posted:Oct 10, 2009 at 12:53 pm
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After six hard fought years we finally have our first elimination, as
Russian and Turkish forces combine to take Vienna, the last Austrian
holdout. Thanks to Will for a well-played game! As for the rest of the
board there isn't too much action as a lot of defense is played; France
holds onto to his spring gain, Brest, and thus has possession of a home
center once again, and Germany assimilates his spring gain of
Edinburgh. Turkey also continues to sail west, taking a stop-off on the
south coast of Spain to pick up a center.

We have a relatively quiet winter upcoming as just two powers owe one
build each (see below the adjudication). The deadline for those will be
this Monday, October 12, at 9 pm eastern, but as always I will
adjudicate as soon as I have all the necessary orders.


A Vienna Hold (*Disbanded*)

A Liverpool - Wales (*Bounce*)
F London - Wales (*Bounce*)

A Brest Hold
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Supports A Brest (*Cut*)

A Belgium Hold
A Bohemia Supports A Vienna (*Cut*)
F Edinburgh Supports F Norwegian Sea - North Sea
F Irish Sea - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Fails*)
A Munich - Tyrolia (*Fails*)
F Norway Supports F Norwegian Sea - North Sea
F Norwegian Sea - North Sea
A Paris Supports A Picardy - Brest
A Picardy - Brest (*Fails*)
A Prussia Supports A Warsaw
A Warsaw Hold

F English Channel Supports A Brest
F Marseilles - Gulf of Lyon
A Piedmont - Marseilles
A Tuscany - Piedmont
A Venice Supports A Tyrolia (*Ordered to Move*)

A Budapest - Vienna
A Moscow - Warsaw (*Fails*)
F Sevastopol - Rumania (*Bounce*)
A St Petersburg - Finland
A Ukraine Supports A Rumania - Galicia

F Adriatic Sea - Ionian Sea
F Black Sea - Rumania (*Bounce*)
F Gulf of Lyon - Spain(sc)
A Rumania - Galicia
A Serbia Hold
A Trieste Supports A Budapest - Vienna
A Tyrolia - Bohemia (*Fails*)

Adjustments due:

Russia: Build 1

Turkey: Build 1

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