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(Standard Gunboat - GM Hugh Polley)

Subject:< DC226 Summer 1914 Results. Fall Moves Due! 
Topic:< dc226 >
Category:< Closed Games 
Posted:Nov 24, 2009 at 4:52 am
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Standard DC226\Summer/1914
The Deadline for gunboat game dc226 Fall 1914 Moves Monday 30
Nov, at 2400 Hrs. Delays of up to 24 hours may occur when life
gets in the way of my hobby.

After a long delay the battle continues! Turkey counter
attacked Germany, Warsaw is surounded, English Fleet enters
Ionian Sea. The German and Turkish units retreat to battle
another day!

Retreats Su/1914:
Germany : Retreat A tri - alb
Turkey : Retreat N ION - gre
England |(12)|[ENGL,lon,lvp,edi](bre,nap,mos,stp),den,nwy,por
Germany |(12)|[GERM,kie,ber,mun](tri,vie,mar,par,rom,ven),bel
Turkey |(10)|[TURK,smy,ank,con](bud,sev,war),bul,gre,rum,ser
Madman |( 0)|
Total = ( 34)
Su\14 |
England | N ENG, N ION, N IRI, A lvn, A mos, A naf, N NTH
A nwy, N swe, N tun, N TYN, N WES
Germany | A alb, N bel, A boh, A hol, A pru, A rom, A sil
A spa, A tus, A tyr, A vie
Turkey | N ADR, N apu, A bud, A gal, N gre, A rum, A ser
A sev, A tri, A war
Madman |

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DC226 Summer 1914 Results. Fall Moves Due! (hapolley) Nov 24, 04:52 am

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