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Posted:May 25, 2010 at 6:51 pm
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Thanks very much for making my first game of online
Diplomacy so intriguing. As a novice I had expected to be eliminated quickly, so
I beat my own expectations by surviving 10 months.
From the outset I agreed a non-aggression pact with
Italy, which lasted right through to '09 when my weakness made an Italian attack
Also from the outset I struck a firm agreement with
Germany to strike immediately against England. It worked in '01, with a French
fleet in ENG after Spring 01 helping a German fleet into NOR by the end of Fall
01. We were all set. However, in Spring 02 the
original Germany stabbed me - taking Belgium, breaking a mutually-winning
alliance ... and immediately quitting the game.
I think any player would respond to such
provocation in normal circumstances by declaring all-out war on the player
who had stabbed them. But that player had left the game and I was faced
with a new Germany who, while talking peace, wasn't willing to renew our joint
fight against England. He asked for a three-way G/F/E pact, which would
have forced me to either stagnate or attack Italy, neither of which seemed
like appealing options. 
This left me rather confused and I responded,
probably unwisely, by lying to the new Germany, stabbing him,
and getting the satisfaction of taking Belgium back for a while. I tried
what was very much a plan B of allying with Russia against
It didn't work. Russia was wiped out, Germany
and England stayed friends, and I was forced to turn to my Italian ally for
support. A three way alliance of A/I/F was always going to make steady progress
against G/E, and I had hopes of a three-way draw, but G/E- perhaps
understandably, given how I had provoked them! - chose to cede supply centres to
Austria on their eastern flank while throwing their full weight against France
on their western flank. Inevitably this forced me to put all my forces on my
northern front, leaving myself wide open to the inevitable Italian invasion
through the Med.
This achieved Germany's short-term aim of forcing
me to swap sides, in the hope that a G/E/F defensive front could force a
five-way draw. But A/I had timed their strike against me well, and already had
enough strength between them to power ahead to victory - eventually graciously
conceding a two-way draw which left me among the three survivors. Well played
Benjamin and Jim.
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Josh E.

To: dc261(at) ; Mark Duffield ; Benjamin
Hester ; Ben Leapman ; Jim
Rossiter ; Jorge Saralegui ; Eric
Shum ; David
Cc: Mike Sims ; Josh Engsberg

Sent: Friday, May 14, 2010 4:23 AM
Subject: DC261 - GAME OVER!

Well folks all the votes are in, and with a unanimous decision I

Austria & Italy will share in a 2-way

England, France, Germany have surviving their

Congratulations to James and Benjamin on a well executed

Thank you all for a great game. It has been my pleasure to
listen in and watch as the game progressed, and I wouldn't hesitate for a
moment to have each and every one of you back in any of my future games.

- Josh

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