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Posted:Nov 06, 2010 at 7:57 pm
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Congrats Max, great game.  And thanks Chris, you are an outstanding GM.


I also agree - player of the game was Dirk.  What a negotiator.


For sure I did start out with the best of intentions for this game, but my personal life overran with more drama than I could handle, so to all, especially our excellent GM, I apologize.  I always do my best to aviod the dreaded NMR.


Anyway, I did start out the game writing to all, see who was up for what.  A basic flip of the coin and an idea I always wanted to try was team up with France, knock out England first and take over the world - sorry about that Bruce, but you were definitely going to zap me if I did not isolate you and knock you out.  You have a reputation as a tough player - so as a sign of respect I had to go for an early knockout.  Nothing you could have done.


Unfortunately for me and my solo ambition, Max is a heck of a lot better player than I am.  He basically whooped me (as Dirk and the rest of you consistenly pointed out) but I thought I could eventually take him out.   Well, that did not work out so well for me, but I am glad to see Max did get a solo.  I appreciate the rest of you and I am sorry I could not have really stayed with it better, but it was always interesting.



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