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Posted:Nov 30, 2010 at 7:17 pm
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I promise this is not the norm for me.


There are two retreats due tomorrow evening, one from Italy and one from England (see below). Both of them have only one option, HOWEVER, I will not automatically retreat them. I have officially stopped doing that due to some "issues" during an earlier game. Both retreats have the option of going OTB (off the board) as well, and remember if I don't receive a retreat order your unit will be disbanded!  Also note that if you sent conditional retreats with your spring orders I have them in the bank, and they will of course be honoured.


Here is the turn:


F Albania Supports A Vienna - Trieste
A Serbia Supports A Vienna - Trieste
A Vienna - Trieste


A Belgium Supports A Ruhr - Burgundy (*Dislodged*)
F Liverpool - Irish Sea
F London - English Channel (*Bounce*)
F North Sea Supports F London - English Channel (*Cut*)
F Norway Supports F Denmark - Sweden (*Void*)


F Brest - English Channel (*Bounce*)
A Paris Hold
A Picardy Supports A Ruhr - Belgium
F Portugal - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Spain - Gascony


F Denmark - North Sea (*Fails*)
A Holland Supports A Ruhr - Belgium
A Kiel Supports A Holland
A Munich Hold
A Ruhr - Belgium


F Naples - Apulia
A Trieste Supports A Tyrolia - Vienna (*Dislodged*)
F Tunis - Ionian Sea
A Tyrolia - Vienna
A Venice Supports A Trieste


F Black Sea - Constantinople (*Fails*)
A Galicia - Budapest
A Moscow - Ukraine
A Rumania Supports A Galicia - Budapest
F Sevastopol - Armenia (*Fails*)
F Sweden - Gulf of Bothnia


F Ankara - Black Sea (*Fails*)
F Armenia Supports F Ankara - Black Sea (*Cut*)
A Bulgaria Hold
A Constantinople Supports A Bulgaria (*Cut*)




English A Belgium can retreat to Burgundy.
Italian A Trieste can retreat to Tyrolia.



Tomorrow night, December 1 2010, 17:00 MST.



There you go. Check my work!! Maps are attached.





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