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Posted:Jan 24, 2011 at 2:49 pm
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Thank you Fredrik for GMing this game. Your punctuality and professionalism are really appreciated. I look forward to your GMing other variants that I enjoy in the future, so I can again benefit from your excellent administration. Smile
I entered this game very focused and motivated to play for a solo result. Historically I have played for draws and am trying to expand my game to go for the "true" victory result that top players pursue. My strategy was to dominate the Med by keeping peaceful relations with France and teaming with Austria to overrun Turkey. From there, depending on the press situation, I would determine where to go next and how.
This was the tale of two games for me. The early game could not have been more successful. I stayed on the right side of things diplomatically and the assault on Turkey was a smashing success. Britain and France were engaged in a nasty entanglement that hindered both of their expansion and kept my rear clear from France, if he had been so inclined. From there my fear of Austria's superior tactical position compared to me drew me into conflict with him that bogged me down and prevented my taking the very strong start and exploiting it for a solo bid. This was a mistake and turned the game against me.
Just as I was reaching the point of cracking Austria he wisely aligned with Britain and France to short-circuit my rising threat to win, while improving their own positions. I put on my "panicked diplomat" hat at this point and managed to turn around Austria and France to the detriment of Britain, in exchange for my being a passive and neutered actor who would participate in a draw. The combined ABF attack on me was so successful and tactically destabilizing that I felt this was a brilliant result given my position and happily complied with all expectations from my good comrades. It made for a very passive and boring end of the game, but there really was not a good opportunity to do something different that would be more likely to improve my result as opposed to eliminate me.
Sorry to Turkey for the early and relentless attack as it is never fun to be in that position. As always it was not personal. Otherwise, thanks to all players for being good playing partners.

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