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Posted:Feb 03, 2012 at 3:11 pm
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So we end the game just shy of Fall 1908.
The end of game proposal (concession to Germany) has passed, with all five surviving countries voting in favor.
Congratulations to Gareth (aka MagDox) for his victory.
Thanks for everyone staying on top of things, playing hard, and putting up with my first outing as GM of an email game.
I'm looking forward to reading each of your end of game statements. Feel free to reply all at your leisure. Please don't send anything you wouldn't want me to post to the site (or specify what you want to keep off the record).
Thanks again, and for those of you participating in the Winter Blitz, hopefully I'll see you there soon! Regardless, I hope to see all of you around DC.
All the best,
Eric Palmer (politesociety)
GM, DC397

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