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(DCI Round 2 - South American Gunboat)

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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Having learned what map we were playing, I made one decision - based only on intial position; If I could kill Columbia, then I would have a good game, If I ended up as, oh say, Argentina, then a strong Columbia on the other hand would be very nice indeed.

Getting Brazil, the choice was simple - kill Columbia, and try to help Argentina get a slight edge vs Chile. This somewhat worked, but it also forced me to hold off building fleets - or Argentina and Chile would just make peace and start clobbering me. In the end, neglecting fleets for too long meant that when they did turn, I did neither have the position, nor the right composition of troops to stop them. Especially Chile would quickly become a bother since my east coast had zero fleets.

In the end, a Dias was the only outcome I could hope for.


- Congrats to Simster for taking home the Dci. I hope to challenge you next year Smile
- And thanks to our most excellent Gm's

Hope to catch ya all next game!

/ Mikael
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