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Posted:Jun 25, 2012 at 10:23 am
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OK  now having received Amazons EGS  I have a question for the group.  My approach to the A/C border was to give him some latitude so that he felt safe and could move in the other direction,  towards Oceania.  He took this as an opening instead to go for me.  Would you have played it differently, and if so , how?  Always nice to learn
from others and evolve your game.
Also,  anyone headed to Chicago this summer for the world Diplomacy championships??

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Congrats again to the winning combo and to an excellent GM,
Well, initially I considered two options. An alliance with Sahara and Oceania or Amazon was option 1. An alliance with both O and A, while attacking Sahara then choosing O or A as my permanent partner was plan B. I went with plan B after watching Sahara's initial moves which I thought were somewhat hostile. I may have misread that , but that was how I interpreted it. So I went with plan B and made two mistakes. One Plan B required some help from Amazon on the African continent, which gave him a foothold. Two, I was way too trusting of Amazon and more suspicious of Oceania so I let my west coast weakly defended. Obviously that was too tempting for Amazon and before I knew it I was stretched a unit or two too thin and in trouble.
I had tried to develop a friendship with Persia early on, hoping a strong Persia would offset the potential I saw in Oceania's position. I felt once he grew as a naval power he would be too tough to dislodge. I got that right but Persia was too busy inland with Russia to help in the Indian Ocean. Eventually that investment in Persia ended up critical to my survival. So maybe I got that right. Warren and I managed to help each other here and there to survive but never really worked well enough to restore any real control of Africa. Good job, balancing Quebec and Amazon Warren.
I think an Arctic sea space would help and perhaps an adjustment in the ocean between Oceania and Amazon. I think the map leads Amazon to head east instead of west but then , perhaps I am biased lol.
Thanks again. I especially enjoyed the initial diplomacy prior to establishing initial unit and center positions. nice touch


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