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Subject:< DC124 - Spring 1902 Results >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Italian A Munich can retreat to Ruhr.
Russian A Rumania can retreat to Galicia or Ukraine or

Summer 1902 is due Wednesday, October 24th by 9pm pacific time.

A Budapest - Rumania
F Greece - Aegean Sea (*Bounce*)
A Serbia Supports A Budapest - Rumania
A Trieste Hold
A Vienna - Bohemia

F English Channel Convoys A London - Belgium
F Liverpool - Irish Sea
A London - Belgium
F Norway - Sweden

F Brest - Picardy
A Gascony - Paris
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean, no move received
A Spain - Marseilles

A Berlin Supports A Burgundy - Munich
A Burgundy - Munich
F Denmark - Baltic Sea (*Bounce*)
A Holland - Kiel (*Bounce*)

A Munich - Kiel (*Dislodged*)
F Naples - Ionian Sea
A Rome - Apulia
F Tunis Supports F Naples - Ionian Sea
A Venice - Tyrolia

F Gulf of Bothnia - Baltic Sea (*Bounce*)
A Rumania Hold (*Dislodged*)
F Sevastopol - Black Sea
F St Petersburg(sc) - Finland
A Warsaw - Silesia

F Ankara - Constantinople (*Fails*)
A Bulgaria - Greece (*Fails*)
A Constantinople - Smyrna (*Fails*)
F Smyrna - Aegean Sea (*Bounce*)

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