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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Some way to reward or publicize GMs who do a good job is appropriate, however I do see the same drawbacks that Jason does.

- Some games are slow. Some people like that. Others like blitz. I started with playing 2-week games, with 2 full weeks for spring or fall. Adapting to the faster pace of diplomaticcorp took some time, tho GMs are still welcome to run any pace they want.

- Generally, a GM should state in his/her house rules what tempo he'll use. That way players know ahead of time. So the true merit is not whether one runs fast or slow, but how often one keeps to the pace he stated.

- Things will go wrong, so the real question is how to help new GMs get up to speed, rather than make a tally to have them seem less adequate.

- Most GMs take pride in their games. Just like any sense of volunteering, you dont need to be in lights to enjoy the reward of your contribution.

- GMs DO currently get merits to advance in the ranks of the knights.

It wouldnt hurt tho, to simply divide the game time by the number of turns, to put days per turn on the game page... it would make it easy to compare the games.


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