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(Standard - Galad)

Subject:< DC203 Galad S04 Results - Only 1 Retreat Needed >
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Posted:Oct 14, 2008 at 9:32 pm
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A Lot of Bounces.
France and Russia Next on the Menu?
Oddsmakers Put It As Likely.

The only retreat needed is for A Bur. It can go to Ruh or Mar [or OTB of course]. A(Ser) had no retreat
and is disbanded.

Our deadline for the retreat is Thursday the 16th at 5pm CST. Our deadline for Fall orders will be
October 21st (Tuesday) at 5pm CST. This is so that I can get results before going out of town.


dc203 Galad (Spring 1904)

F(MAO) - WMS; A(Bel) s GERMAN A(Mun) - Bur; F(Edi) - NTH; F(ENG) - MAO; F(NTH) - ENG; F(StP) nc Stands

A(Spa) Stands; A(Bre) - Gas; A(Bur) s A(Bre) - Gas (CUT, DISLODGED RETREAT PENDING); A(Par) s A(Bur) (CUT)

GERMANY (Christian)
A(Mun) - Bur; A(Kie) - Lvn; A(Pic) - Par (FAILED); A(Pru) - War (FAILED); A(War) - Gal (FAILED); F(BAL) c A(Kie) - Lvn; F(Swe) - Den

ITALY (Brian)
A(Vie) - Bud (FAILED); A(Alb) s A(Ser) (CUT); A(Ser) s A(Vie) - Bud (CUT, DISLODGED - DISBANDED NRP); A(Ven) - Tri; F(ADS) - ION (FAILED); F(ION) - Tun; F(Nap) - TYS

RUSSIA (Andrew)
A(Bud) - Gal (FAILED)

F(BLA) - Con; A(Bul) - Ser; A(Mos) s A(Sev) - Ukr; A(Rum) s A(Bul) - Ser; A(Sev) - Ukr; F(AEG) - ION (FAILED); F(Gre) - Alb (FAILED); F(Smy) - EMS

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