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Posted:Nov 25, 2008 at 9:11 am
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No Retreats. Happy Thanksgiving to those will wll be celebrating Thursday.



Fall '81 is due Tuesday December 2nd 8 AM CST (GMT -6) 1400 GMT

Orders and Results:

F Annam Supports F South China Sea
F Canton - Nanchang
A Chungking Supports A Yunnan - Sinkiang (*Cut*)
F East China Sea Supports A Shanghai
A Kashgar Supports A Tashkent
A Kirghiz Supports A Tashkent
A North Siam - Bangkok (*Bounce*)
A Rangoon - Bangkok (*Bounce*)
A Shanghai Supports F Canton - Nanchang
A Sinkiang - Urumchi
F South China Sea Supports F East China Sea
A Urumchi - Krasnoyarsk
A Yunnan - Sinkiang (*Bounce*)

A Borneo - Seoul
F East Indian Ocean Hold
F Formosa Supports F Upper Pacific
F Gulf of Siam Hold
F Hyderabad - Madras (*Fails*)
F Java Sea Convoys A Borneo - Seoul
F Luzon Strait Convoys A Borneo - Seoul
F Madras - Mysore (*Bounce*)
A Malaya Hold
F Middle Pacific Convoys A Borneo - Seoul
F Port Arthur Supports A Borneo - Seoul
F Sulu Sea Convoys A Borneo - Seoul
F Sunda Sea Convoys A Borneo - Seoul
F Upper Pacific Convoys A Borneo - Seoul
F Yellow Sea Convoys A Borneo - Seoul

A Afghanistan - Bokhara
F Arabian Sea - Mysore (*Bounce*)
A Baghdad - Shiraz
A Baku Supports A Odessa - Moscow
F Black Sea Hold
F Bombay - Mysore (*Bounce*)
F Gulf of Aden Hold
A Karachi - Afghanistan
A Odessa - Moscow (*Fails*)
F Oman Hold
A Persia Supports A Afghanistan - Bokhara
F Persian Gulf Hold
F Red Sea Hold
A Tashkent Supports A Afghanistan - Bokhara (*Cut*)

A Akmolinsk - Tashkent (*Fails*)
A Bokhara Supports A Akmolinsk - Tashkent (*Disbanded*)
A Kyushu - Kyoto (*Bounce*)
A Langchow - Chungking (*Fails*)
A Mongolia - Sinkiang (*Bounce*)
A Moscow Supports A Bokhara (*Cut*)
A Orenburg Supports A Akmolinsk - Tashkent
A Peking - Manchuria
A Perm Supports A Moscow
F Sakhalin - Okhotsk Sea
F Sea of Japan - Fusan
F Tokyo - Kyoto (*Bounce*)
A Vladivostok - Seoul (*Fails*)

Forced Disband:

Russian A Bokhara has no retreats, disbanded.

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Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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