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(A Tale Of Two Revolutions GM: Bruce Quinn)

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Posted:Dec 02, 2008 at 2:07 am
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Insurrection is an art, and like all arts has its own laws. or so sayeth a famous Russian revolutionary...

Speaking of art, did you know that the Japanese Puzzle box is a merging of two Art-Forms? The art of creating a box with sliding panels that can only be opened if you know the exact sequence of moves. The second art is that of wood marquetry or 'Zaiku' where different woods in their natural color are carefully cut and glued together making beautiful patterns. They are actually very cool.

And frankly, this art imitates our life (or this particular Diplomacy life anyway) as while the colors are different across the board; the pattern is distinct as East and West now squarly face each other down over the. Or is it only a sliding, panel we are looking at, one which only leads us down a false path?

In other news, an English army is destroyed as it tries unsuccessfully to move into the Kingdom of Bohemia. It found the door shut and then had no where to turn. On a lighter note, the chaos known as Munich finally sees a savior in the French army which arrived there this season. The question remains, however: Will the French, unlike the English, be able to hold onto it, bringing some semblance of order to this city ravaged by anarchy? Mankind across the globe awaits the answer...

We have no retreats so we move into the Fall turn. Since I have travel at the end of the week, I will breal my own rule and ask that you get those orders into me on Saturday, 6 Dec. at 23:59 hours. If something thinks they cannot do it over the weekend, please send them in early. I hate to wait until Monday for only four players.

Here are the details. Please let me know if you see a mistake.

Good luck and best regards.



Movement results for Spring of 1905. (Spring 1905 Moves)

Austria: F Albania - Ionian Sea (*Bounce*).
Austria: A Ankara - Constantinople.
Austria: A Budapest - Vienna (*Fails*).
Austria: A Bulgaria - Rumania.
Austria: F Constantinople - Aegean Sea.
Austria: F Naples Supports F Albania - Ionian Sea.
Austria: A Rome Supports A Venice.
Austria: A Rumania - Ukraine.
Austria: A Trieste - Tyrolia.
Austria: A Venice Supports A Trieste - Tyrolia.
Austria: A Vienna - Bohemia (*Bounce*).
Austria: A Warsaw Supports A Rumania - Ukraine.

England: F Baltic Sea Hold.
England: A Edinburgh Hold.
England: A London - Denmark.
England: F North Sea Convoys A London - Denmark.
England: A Norway - St Petersburg.
England: F Norwegian Sea - North Atlantic Ocean.
England: A Ruhr - Kiel.
England: F St Petersburg(nc) - Barents Sea.
England: F Sweden - Skagerrak.
England: A Tyrolia - Bohemia (*Disbanded*).

France: A Burgundy - Munich.
France: F Gulf of Lyon - Tuscany.
France: F Marseilles - Gulf of Lyon.
France: A Piedmont Supports F Gulf of Lyon - Tuscany.
France: F Tunis - Ionian Sea (*Bounce*).
France: F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Tunis - Ionian Sea.

Germany: A Berlin, no move received.

Russia: A Moscow Supports F Sevastopol.
Russia: F Sevastopol Hold.

Unit locations:
Austria: F Aegean Sea, F Albania, A Budapest, A Constantinople, F Naples, A
Rome, A Rumania, A Tyrolia, A Ukraine, A Venice, A Vienna, A Warsaw.
England: F Baltic Sea, F Barents Sea, A Denmark, A Edinburgh, A Kiel, F North
Atlantic Ocean, F North Sea, F Skagerrak, A St Petersburg.
France: F Gulf of Lyon, A Munich, A Piedmont, F Tunis, F Tuscany, F
Tyrrhenian Sea.
Germany: A Berlin.
Russia: A Moscow, F Sevastopol.


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