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(Standard - Arctic Warriors)

Subject:< DC 164 - Arctic Warriors - Fall 1913 >
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Posted:Jan 06, 2009 at 11:05 am
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This is the war that never ends, it just goes on and on..... Oh, Hi everybody!
Just thought you would like to know, the only 'active' game that had been running longer then ours (a Fog of War variant with a ton of players) finished, leaving us holding the field! The next oldest game is 180. 24 game starts after us, and in year 1910.
I am having trouble linking the Map right now, it is on DC and I will send it as soon as Yahoo decides to play nice.

We had a lot of movement this fall, The Germans and Italians advance north and west and the Brits are shoved almost completely off the continent!
France Gains Breast but loses Marseilles, and is nor totally flanked by Italy.
Russia continues to sit in the backfield, the Sleeping Bear. Maybe that ejection from the Ionian Sea will wake her?

The Russian Fleet can retreat to Greece, the Aegean Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean, or OTB
After that, the Brits must Disband one, the Germans get to build one.

Lets get all those orders in by Friday, Jan 9th.

F Belgium - Holland
F Brest - Picardy
F Helgoland Bight Supports F Belgium - Holland
A Norway - St Petersburg (*Bounce*)
A Sweden - Denmark (*Disbanded*)

A Gascony Supports F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Brest
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Brest
F Spain(sc) Hold

A Burgundy Supports A Picardy - Belgium
F Denmark Supports A Finland - Sweden
A Finland - Sweden
A Munich - Kiel
F North Sea - London
A Picardy - Belgium
A Ruhr - Holland (*Fails*)
F Skagerrak Supports A Finland - Sweden
A Warsaw Hold

F Adriatic Sea - Ionian Sea
A Piedmont - Marseilles
A Trieste Supports A Tyrolia
F Tunis Supports F Adriatic Sea - Ionian Sea
F Tuscany - Tyrrhenian Sea
A Tyrolia Supports A Trieste
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Western Mediterranean
A Venice - Piedmont
F Western Mediterranean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean

A Budapest Supports A Vienna
F Ionian Sea Hold (*Dislodged*)
A Moscow - St Petersburg (*Bounce*)
A Rumania Hold
A Sevastopol - Ukraine
A Ukraine - Galicia
A Vienna Hold

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