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1936 v2.6 Soviet solo


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Cur SeasonSpring 00
Next DeadlineSee adjudication
S. C.50
Start Date2015-09-18
End Date2015-12-30
Real-Life Time104 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Britain Captain of the Watch Silver Star9MDemagogueEliminated 0 14 0 0 0
0 France Nobleman Blank9georgekatkinsSurvival 13 14 0 0 0
0 Germany Esquire Silver Star9briandiffellEliminated 0 14 1 0 0
0 Italy Captain of the Watch Blank9mjn82Survival 15 14 0 0 0
0 Poland Captain of the Watch Blank9Sean2010Survival 4 14 0 0 0
0 Soviet Union Nobleman Silver Star9raistlinSolo 18 14 0 0 0
0 Turkey Order of the Jagged Edge Gold Star9jerome777Eliminated 0 14 0 0 0

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Hi guys,

so then there were only four. Four that did not agree to a particular draw, I might add.

How are our four powers doing?

FRANCE: Moved in a fairly anti-Soviet fashion. Yet could have also sent her fleet towards Denmark. So is the President holding back?

ITALY: Got into the Norwegian Sea thanks to Uncle Joe. I'd say Italy could do with a few armies.

POLAND: Gdynia and Warsaw are effectively lost. Yet in Scandinavia Soviet play has given hope to the Rzeczpospolita.

SOVIET UNION: Um. Letting the Fascists into the Norwegian Sea is bound to come to haunt the Kremlin. See also liabilities created in the Mid-East through the latest manoeuvres.

There's no summer this time over. So we move on to Fall 1942 on 30 December.

I wish you all a merry and blessed Christmas. Frohe Weihnachten!


BRITAIN: Mark Utterback
FRANCE: George K. Atkins
GERMANY: Brian Diffell
ITALY & NAT. SPAIN: Mike Norton
POLAND: Sean O'Donnell
TURKEY: Jerome Payne

It is night on the coast of Brittany, with a full moon illuminating the land and sea. Gazing across the Channel, a lone darkened figure (depending upon which side you are standing) tonelessly chanted:

"Cold-hearted Orb that rules the Night,
Removes the colors from our sight.
Red is grey, and yellow, white,
but We decide which is right,
and which is an illusion."

The dark figure looked around. It was a man of distinctive features. He returned his gaze to the Channel and stepped forward, over the side of the cliff. As he descended to the rocks and sea below, he yelled "Merde! This is not an illusionnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....!"


On this day, the French President, Emile Flowerdough, issued a proclamation.


The French newspaper Tout a l'heure published an extract of the most recent General Orders issued by General of the French Armed Forces, Norbert d'Assaut. In it, the General has expressed his grave concerns over the intentions and machinations of the Soviets and the Fascisti. "It is clear that they are looking for any excuse to cross borders and increase their power at the expense of France and Poland. Just as clearly, we cannot allow that to happen and will---if necessary---take all steps to neutralize their efforts." With that, the General sat down to his dinner of stuffed linguine and borscht.


Throughout France the people are celebrating Noel, in spite of the turmoil throughout Europe. Calling a cessation of hostilities,
newly-elected president, Emile Flowerdough called out for peace and giving throughout the Continent. What he got instead was a pizza delivered to him that was intended for the Office of the Ministry, whose staff worked around the clock hoping to finalize terms with the governments of Italy, Poland and the USSR. "I wish one and all a Merry Christmas", President Flowerdough exclaimed, "I hope that the New Year brings an accord of prosperity, generosity, and respect for other countries. If not, I will have to put on my trench boots and kick some diplomatic butts!"

George (I second the sentiment!)


REJECTED: A four-way draw involving France, Italy, Poland and the Soviet Union.
PROPOSED: A four-way draw involving France, Italy, Poland and the Soviet Union.

A Brest Hold
A Czechia Supports A Cracow
F Liverpool Hold
F London - English Channel
A Lorraine - Switzerland
A Marseille - Catalonia (*Bounce*)
A Munich - Austria
F Netherlands Supports A Rhineland - Hamburg
A Paris - Picardy
A Rhineland - Hamburg

A Croatia Hold
F Greece - Aegean Sea
F Izmir - Istanbul (*Bounce*)
F Naples - Ionian Sea
F Rome(ec) - Adriatic Sea
F Aegean Sea - Dodecanese
F Atlantic Ocean Hold
F Levantine Sea - Palestine(nc)
F Western Mediterranean - Sardinia

A Berlin - Silesia
A Cracow Hold
A Hungary - Slovakia
A Pomerania - Gdynia
A Serbia - Transylvania
F Sweden - Gulf of Danzig (*Fails*)
F Baltic Sea Supports F Sweden - Gulf of Danzig

A Ankara - Istanbul (*Bounce*)
A Beirut - Alexandretta
A Denmark - Sweden (*Bounce*)
A Eastern Anatolia - Rumania (*Fails*)
A Iraq - Kurdistan
A Istanbul - Bulgaria
A Latvia - Lithuania
F Leningrad(nc) Hold
A Lithuania - East Prussia
F Norway Supports A Denmark - Sweden
A Rumania - Cracow (*Fails*)
A Volhynia Supports A Rumania - Cracow
A Western Ukraine Supports A Eastern Anatolia - Rumania (*Fails*)
F Black Sea Convoys A Eastern Anatolia - Rumania
F Gulf of Danzig - Sweden (*Bounce*)
F Skaggerak Supports F Gulf of Danzig - Sweden

F Burgos - Bay of Biscay
F Edinburgh - Norwegian Sea
A Portugal - Madrid
A Valencia - Catalonia (*Bounce*)
F Irish Sea - Edinburgh
F North-Western Approaches Supports F Edinburgh - Norwegian Sea


SC OWNERSHIP (Winter 1941):
France (12): Austria, Belgium, Brest, Czechia, Liverpool, London, Marseille, Milan, Munich, Netherlands, Paris, Switzerland.
Italy (9): Algiers, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Izmir, Naples, Rome, Suez, Tripoli.
Poland (7): Berlin, Cracow, Gdynia, Hungary, Serbia, Sweden, Warsaw.
Soviet_Union (16): Ankara, Beirut, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Hamburg, Iran, Iraq, Istanbul, Latvia, Leningrad, Lithuania, Moscow, Norway, Rumania, Stalingrad.
Nationalist_Spain (6): Burgos, Edinburgh, Madrid, Morocco, Portugal, Valencia.

Fall 1942 Moves: 30 December
Winter 1942 Retreats/Adjustments: 1 January
Spring 1943 Moves: 6 January
Summer 1943 Retreats: 8 January

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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