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(Dark Ages - Angstskrik)

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Posted:Dec 27, 2009 at 2:24 am
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just a brief one from me: Nick has covered pretty much all the ground.

I fancied playing Scotland out of general interest in all things Scots (my wife's ancestry), and to see what could be done with it. Central location between Gaels and Norse, and potential rivalry to the south with Bretons and to a lesser extent Angles meant that I was keen to find a secure border, and somewhere to exert maximum pressure. Hence turning my back on Zetland immediately, and heading south. Picking a fight with the Norse at this stage would have been suicidal. Plus it was just more fun to extend scotland south rather than west or east.

For several years I sought to make gains from the 4 way dance on the island. I tried to make gains from the gaels to secure a solid back-door, but could not hold the dot I gained. Hence falling back on to the main island, and a solid alliance with the Angles, which allowed me to come far south. It was with some regret that eventually I surrendered the major scots base in Birmingham / Mercia, in order that the Angles could better block the Dames. I agree that there is a predisposition in the map to S vs G, B vs A initially, and that the 3 way fight should be resolved more quickly than the 4 way, leading to an imbalance.

As to how to make the dynamics change, I have wondered about adding the Isle of Man, to draw G vs B as a larger possibility. Modifications to the seas could make S vs N, or A vs D more likely early on. Maybe an eighth player in northern France (or a substitute for the Danes?)

I enjoyed the game enormously, thanks to great GM'ing and good play from all parts.


Re Alban

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