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Subject:< DC269 - Spring 1907 >
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Posted:Jan 09, 2010 at 10:08 am
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Well, guess what? Not much has changed in the new year. We had three proposals to end the game and none of them passed. So, we move foward. Here are your moves:

A Vienna - Budapest (*fails*)

A Bohemia Supports A Tyrolia - Munich (*invalid*)
F Belgium - Picardy

F Wales - London
F English Channel Supports A Burgundy - Belgium
F Brest Holds
A Kiel - Holland
A Berlin - Munich
A Burgundy - Belgium
F Gulf of Lyon - Tyrrhenian Sea
F Tunis Supports F Gulf of Lyon - Tyrrhenian Sea
F Marseilles - Spain (sc)
A Piedmont Holds

A Tyrolia - Trieste
A Venice Supports A Tyrolia - Trieste
F Naples - Ionian Sea
F Adriatic Sea Supports F Naples - Ionian Sea

F Edinburgh Holds
F Norway - North Sea
F Sweden - Baltic Sea
F Denmark Supports F Sweden - North Sea (*invalid*)
F Sevastopol - Armenia
F Rumania - Black Sea
A Serbia Supports A Budapest (*cut*)
A Budapest Supports A Serbia (*cut*)
A Galicia - Rumania
A Warsaw - Galicia
A Prussia - Silesia

A Bulgaria - Serbia (*fails*)
A Constantinople - Bulgaria (*fails*)
F Greece - Aegean Sea
F Ionian Sea Supports F Naples - Tyrrhenian Sea (*dislidged*)
A Smyrna - Constantinople (*fails*)
A Trieste Supports A Bulgaria - Serbia (*dislodged*)

Turkey's F Ionian Sea may retreat to Apulia, Albania, Greece, E. Mediterranean or OTB
Turkey's A Trieste may retreat to Albania or OTB

Next Deadline:
Summer 1907 retreats are due Monday, January 11, at noon CST.

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DC269 - Spring 1907 (Viper) Jan 09, 10:08 am

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