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Posted:Jan 29, 2010 at 4:15 pm
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Well, unfortunately, I don't have orders from a couple of players, but the time for waiting is past. I didn't get a reminder out, but that shouldn't really be necessary. So we have some units sitting still. Here's what I got:

England (no moves received):
F English Channel Holds

F London to Wales (*fails*)
F Wales to English Channel (*fails*)
F Brest Holds
A Kiel into Berlin (*bounce*)
A Munich to Berlin (*bounce*)
A Belgium Holds
F Tunis into Ionian Sea
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Holds
A Piedmont to Tyrolia
A Burgundy to Ruhr
F Tyrrhenian Sea supports Tunis into Ionian Sea

Italy (no moves received):
A Trieste Holds
A Albania Holds
F Ionian Sea Holds (*dislodged*)
F Eastern Mediterranean Holds
F Syria Holds

F Edi hold
F Nth hold
F Den hold
F Pru hold
A Boh - Vie
A Gal S A Boh - Vie
A Bud S A Ser
A Ser S A Rum - Bul
A Rum - Bul (*fails*)

A Bul - Con (*fails*)

F Bla S A Bul - Con
F Arm - Ank (*fails*)

A Ankara Supports F Smyrna (*cut*)
A Constantinople Supports A Ankara (*cut*)
F Greece Holds
F Smyrna Supports A Constantinople

Italy's F Ionian Sea may retreat to Naples, Apulia, Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea or OTB.

Next Deadline:
Autumn 1908 retreat is due Monday, February 1, at noon CST.


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