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Posted:Jan 29, 2010 at 7:23 pm
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Hi folks.

You may have noticed that I did not send a reminder this turn. That is not on purpose, or out of spite, or any other reason like that. I simply didn't get to it and/or forgot. I TRY to send them, but please do not count on them! And please send preliminary orders! Send them now, as soon as you see this. It doesn't matter if you change them later, I won't get upset. I will get upset if you nmr.

Okay, lecture over... on to the game. England is a convoying fool this turn... his own armies, foreign armies... he does not discriminate. Some other interesting developments as well, as Russia advances in Austria, but looks over his shoulder and sees a yellow fleet landing in Sevastopol and blue ones hovering around his north coast. France moves into Germany AND Africa.

We have one retreat needed from Germany, but there is only one option so I have taken the liberty of moving it myself and moving on to fall. Sam, if you want to move it OTB just let me know and I can remove it.

Here we go:


F mao convoy French army por-north africa
A lon-norway via north sea convoy
F north sea convoy a lon-norway
F Norwegian sea-barents sea
F swe-gulf of bothnia
A den-ber via convoy f bal
F bal convoy a den-ber
A ruh support French army bur-mun
F kie support a den-ber

APor - NAf
FSpa(sc) S FMar - GoL
FMar - GoL
ABur - Mun
AGas - Mar

A (Ber) s A (Mun)
A(Mun) s A (Ber)

F W Med S F Lyo
F Lyo S F Wmed
F Nap = Ion
A Pie - Tyr

A Bohemia - Tyrolia
A Budapest Supports A Vienna - Trieste
F Gulf of Bothnia Hold
F Rumania Hold
A Silesia - Bohemia
A Vienna - Trieste
A Warsaw - Moscow

f BLA - sev
a con s a bul
a bul h
a smy - arm


A Albania - Trieste (*Fails*)
F Greece - Bulgaria(sc) (*Fails*)
A Serbia Supports F Greece - Bulgaria(sc)

F Baltic Sea Convoys A Denmark - Berlin
A Denmark - Berlin
F Kiel Supports A Denmark - Berlin
A London - Norway
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Convoys A Portugal - North Africa
F North Sea Convoys A London - Norway
F Norwegian Sea - Barents Sea
A Ruhr Supports A Burgundy - Munich
F Sweden - Gulf of Bothnia (*Fails*)

A Burgundy - Munich
A Gascony - Marseilles (*Fails*)
F Marseilles - Gulf of Lyon (*Fails*)
A Portugal - North Africa
F Spain(sc) Supports F Marseilles - Gulf of Lyon

A Berlin Supports A Munich (*Dislodged*)
A Munich Supports A Berlin (*Disbanded*)

F Gulf of Lyon Supports F Western Mediterranean (*Cut*)
F Naples - Ionian Sea
A Piedmont - Tyrolia (*Bounce*)
F Western Mediterranean Supports F Gulf of Lyon

A Bohemia - Tyrolia (*Bounce*)
A Budapest Supports A Vienna - Trieste
F Gulf of Bothnia Hold
F Rumania Hold
A Silesia - Bohemia (*Fails*)
A Vienna - Trieste
A Warsaw - Moscow

F Black Sea - Sevastopol
A Bulgaria Hold
A Constantinople Supports A Bulgaria
A Smyrna - Armenia

Barring Germany changing his retreat order I will make the fall turn due in one week, Friday February 5, 17:00 MST. That's midnight GMT, end of Feb. 5.

Maps are attached. Check my work!

Have fun,


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