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Posted:Mar 19, 2010 at 9:56 pm
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Hi folks,

We have no orders from Turkey, a misorder from Italy, and hold orders from Austria. One retreat due on Monday, from Russia. Moscow may retreat to Ukraine or OTB. Please note that I am now on Mountain Daylight Time, so adjudications will now be at 23:00 GMT instead of midnight.

Here is the spring 1906 turn.


AH holds all units

AStP - Mos
ALvn S AStP - Mos
APru - War
ABoh S AMun – Tyr
F mao-wes
F nwy-nwg
A den-kie
F bal-ber
F bar hold
F bot-bal
F nth hold

ATun - Tus
FTy C ATun - Tus
AMar - Pie
FGOL S AMar - Pie
FWes - Tun
AMun - Tyr
ASil S APru - War

F ion - Tun
F Tys S F ion - Tun

A Budapest Supports A Warsaw - Galicia
A Moscow - Sevastopol
A Trieste - Vienna
A Venice - Tyrolia
A Warsaw - Galicia


F Aegean Sea Hold
A Serbia Hold

F Baltic Sea - Berlin
F Barents Sea Hold
A Bohemia Supports A Munich - Tyrolia
A Denmark - Kiel
F Gulf of Bothnia - Baltic Sea
A Livonia Supports A St Petersburg - Moscow
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Western Mediterranean (*Fails*)
F North Sea Hold
F Norway - Norwegian Sea
A Prussia - Warsaw
A St Petersburg - Moscow

F Gulf of Lyon Supports A Marseilles - Piedmont
A Marseilles - Piedmont
A Munich - Tyrolia
A Silesia Supports A Prussia - Warsaw
A Tunis - Tuscany
F Tyrrhenian Sea Convoys A Tunis - Tuscany
F Western Mediterranean - Tunis (*Bounce*)

F Ionian Sea - Tunis (*Bounce*)
F Rome, no move received

A Budapest Supports A Warsaw - Galicia
A Moscow - Sevastopol (*Dislodged*)
A Trieste - Vienna
A Venice - Tyrolia (*Fails*)
A Warsaw - Galicia

A Ankara, no move received
A Bulgaria, no move received
A Constantinople, no move received
F Rumania, no move received
A Sevastopol, no move received
F Smyrna, no move received


Russian A Moscow can retreat to Ukraine or OTB.

Deadline Monday, March 22, 17:00 MDT. That's 23:00 GMT.

Have a good weekend.


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