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(Balkans 1860 Playtest!)

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Posted:May 28, 2010 at 2:25 pm
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Don't misquote me please.
I said normally I wouldn't vote for a draw this early in a game.  There is no telling what would happen.  It's early.  Really.  But in this case, Nigel has privately approached me w his predicament.  If he wants to concede, it's his choice.  I'm a regulation chess player too.  If your opponent puts out his hand and says "good game".  You don't look at him and go "no way, you should play the game to win".  No.  You accept, and say thank you, and move on.  This is what we have.  BRS have mapped out the moves into the Aegean and into Italy many moves deep.  Purely out of my respect for Nigel, if he says good game, I'll say thank you and move on to another.  I agree it's far from played out.  But I'm not going to force somoene to play who's offering to concede.  It's just a game.  I can play others.  But he needs to tend to what he needs to do.

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Subject: RE: ACD236/DC288: Balkans1860 Spring 1867: Tirana

I don't understand, I didn't get into this game to be part of a draw, and how could it be possible to grant a draw to anything but all survivors?  Who here thinks he played a "better" game than someone else?  Just because 3 powers have locked in and are somehow satisfied mutually stroking each other doesn't mean they've played better.
I'll argue that they've played worse, people should play the game to win.  I'm losing, and the risks were catastrophic for me, but given Mike's position around Serbia, how can he defend voting in favor of a draw?
As I said, eliminate me and vote yourselves the draw.  Sorry Nigel, I just can't vote for this when I see so much more game play left.  ESPECIALLY when we're testing the variant.  Based on the first test, the DIAS was reasonable, but this variant should see something of an endgame, and this game is far from played out.

>>> Ross Webb <rodtheworm(at)> 5/28/2010 3:00 PM >>>
I'd vote yes on a 4-way too - perhaps BRS would win in the end, but it's far from certain.  At this stage I'd find it a bit rude excluding Nigs, especially after such a well played game on his part.
Can these be counted as official proposals? 

This message is in reply to post 16507:

Word of the day is: Fail. RP printed the word *Fails* in this
adjudication more than you'd see in a whole day on The
curse of the fail struck indiscriminately - Romania, Bulgaria, Greece,
Serbia, and the Ottomans all failed at something or another that they
tried. Better luck next season. That leaves Austria - who has the
one retreat order needed for this season, and Italy, who caused said
retreat. On to the history blurb, at the site of the fiercest
fighting this season: Tirana.
Tirana before the First World War was one of the great bastions of
Islam in Europe. No Ottoman territory in Europe embraced the culture
and religion of their Turkish overlords more than Tirana. This
favored status led to regional prominence for Tirana under the Ottoman
reign, though the city slipped into decline as the Ottoman hold over
the region waned. Independence (and communism) brought even greater
disaster for Tirana and Albania as a whole, which is struggling even
today to emerge and assume its place as a European capital.
***NEXT DEADLINE: I would really like to see Allen's retreat by
tomorrow, though the deadline will have to actually be Tuesday, 1700
EST. If we *do* get that retreat broadcast before tomorrow, then the
Fall 1867 deadline will be Thursday, June 3rd, at 1700 EST. If not,
then I will extend the deadline accordingly.
***RETREAT DUE: Army Venezia may retreat to Trent, Bologna, or OTB.
***DRAW PROPOSAL: A 3-way BRS draw has been proposed. Please include
your votes on that proposal with your next set of orders.
ITALY: Adam Levy
SERBIA: Garry Bledsoe
GREECE: Nigel Phillips
ROMANIA: Mike Sims
OTTOMAN EMPIRE: Gregory Bim-Merle
A Salzburg - Venezia
A Venezia Supports A Salzburg (*Dislodged*)
F Adriatic Sea - Gulf of Venezia
A Agram Supports A Trieste
A Bitola Supports A Tirana
F Cetinje - Adriatic Sea
A Kragujevac - Scutari (*Fails*)
A Sarajevo - Cetinje
A Trieste Supports A Salzburg - Venezia
F Bosporus - Sea of Marmara (*Fails*)
A Budapest Hold
F Constanta - Burgas Bay
A Craiova - Nis
A Graz - Salzburg
A Nis - Skopje
A Pecs - Graz
F Salonika Supports A Serres - Kozani
F Sea of Marmara - Thermaic Gulf (*Fails*)
A Tirana Supports A Kozani - Agrinio (*Cut*)
A Ankara - Manisa
A Antalya - Izmir (*Fails*)
F Bursa Supports A Antalya - Izmir
A Kozani - Agrinio (*Fails*)
A Plovdiv - Sofia
A Serres - Kozani (*Fails*)
F Thermaic Gulf - Gulf of Izmir (*Bounce*)
F Aegean Sea Supports F Athens - Larisa (*Fails*)
A Agrinio Supports F Scutari - Tirana (*Cut*)
A Ancona Hold
F Athens - Larisa (*Fails*)
F Eastern Mediterranean Supports A Izmir - Antalya
F Gulf of Taranto Supports F Scutari - Tirana
F Larisa - Kozani (*Fails*)
F Saronic Gulf - Gulf of Izmir (*Bounce*)
F Scutari - Tirana (*Fails*)
F Torino Hold
A Izmir - Antalya (*Fails*)
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