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Posted:Sep 21, 2010 at 9:28 am
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One important ret from Britain I need no later then Wed (at) the normal time. NOTE:Russia TSR'D to Oms. As u know RP does not handle it so will do a map adj later but A Vla is in Oms.
Turkish A Angora can retreat to Armenia.
British F Java Sea can retreat to Andaman Sea or Singapore or
Borneo or Celebes.
Dutch F Luzon Strait can retreat to Middle Pacific or Manila.
A Aden - Arabia
A Afghanistan - Persia
F Baghdad Supports A Persia - Shiraz (*Disbanded*)
F East Indian Ocean Supports F West Indian Ocean - Southeast Indian Ocean
F Egypt Supports F Mediterranean Sea
F Java Sea Supports F Java (*Dislodged*)
A Kashmir Hold
F Mediterranean Sea Supports F Black Sea - Angora
A Persia - Shiraz
F Persian Gulf Supports A Persia - Shiraz
A Punjab - Afghanistan
A Rajputana - Karachi
A Syria Supports F Black Sea - Angora
F Timor Sea - New Guinea (*Fails*)
F West Indian Ocean - Southeast Indian Ocean
A Krasnoyarsk - Mongolia
F Annam - Gulf of Siam
A Canton, no move received
F Formosa Supports F South China Sea - Luzon Strait
F Gulf of Siam - Malaya
F Java Supports F Timor Sea (*Ordered to Move*)
A Langchow Supports A Shanghai
F Malaya - Java Sea
A North Siam - Mandalay
A Shanghai Supports F Manchuria (*Ordered to Move*)
F South China Sea - Luzon Strait
F Sulu Sea - Davao (*Bounce*)
F Sumatra Supports F Malaya - Java Sea
F Sunda Sea Supports F Borneo - Sarawak
A Yunnan - Sinkiang
A Akita Supports F Tokyo (*Cut*)
F Tokyo Supports A Akita
F Yellow Sea - Port Arthur
A Angora Hold (*Dislodged*)
A Arabia - Baghdad
F Constantinople Supports A Angora
A Odessa - Moscow (*Bounce*)
A Rumania - Odessa (*Fails*)
F Shiraz Supports A Arabia - Baghdad (*Disbanded*)
A Tabriz Supports A Arabia - Baghdad
F Borneo - Sarawak
A Cebu - Davao (*Bounce*)
F Celebes Sea Supports F Borneo - Sarawak
F Luzon Strait - Cebu (*Dislodged*)
F New Guinea - Timor Sea (*Fails*)
F Southeast Indian Ocean - Java Sea (*Disbanded*)
F Black Sea - Angora
F Fusan Supports F Manchuria - Yellow Sea
A Kashgar Supports A Punjab - Afghanistan
F Manchuria - Yellow Sea
F Okhotsk Sea Convoys A Sakhalin - Akita
A Orenburg - Moscow (*Bounce*)
A Otaru Supports A Sakhalin - Akita
A Peking Hold
A Sakhalin - Akita (*Fails*)
A Seoul Hold
A Vladivostok - Omsk (*Fails*)WILL DO TSR AFTER RET

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