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Posted:Oct 13, 2010 at 6:23 pm
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With 2 wk delay coming & no draw no need to wait for J here. Rets tomorrow. They will not affect builds which are below. Thanks for playing, Sean. After the break a BF is proposed.
Britian to Russia: Sorry...just too much to resist going for a 2-way on this one, especially once you got a bit out of position courtesy of Justin and Poul playing a bit of nice defending. It certainly was nothing more than a pure desire to cut down the draw. I thought for sure it wasn't likely a few turns ago and was willing to go for a 3-way but a shot at a 2-way on this board was just too appealing.
Dutch F Celebes Sea can retreat to Lower Pacific or Celebes.
Dutch F Formosa can retreat to East China Sea or Middle Pacific or Luzon Strait.
Russian A Kashgar can retreat to Tibet or Kirghiz or Urumchi
Britain: Supp 21 Unit 16 Build 5
China: Supp 0 Unit 0 Build 0
France: Supp 20 Unit 15 Build 3
Japan: Supp 2 Unit 2 Build 0
Turkey: Supp 3 Unit 5 Remove 2
Holland: Supp 2 Unit 4 Remove 2
Russia: Supp 10 Unit 10 Build 0
A Baghdad - Syria
F Black Sea Supports A Syria - Angora
A Bokhara - Tashkent
F Borneo - Celebes Sea
F East Indian Ocean Hold
F Gulf of Manaar - Bay of Bengal
A Karachi - Afghanistan
A Kashmir - Kashgar
F Mediterranean Sea Supports A Syria - Angora
A Nepal - Bengal
F Persian Gulf - Baghdad
A Shiraz Supports A Tabriz
F Southeast Indian Ocean Supports F Timor Sea
A Syria - Angora
A Tabriz Supports F Persian Gulf - Baghdad
F Timor Sea Supports F Borneo - Celebes Sea
A Peking Supports A Manchuria (*Dislodged*)
F Java Sea Supports F Java
F Java Supports F Java Sea
F Malaya - Andaman Sea
F Manila Supports F Sulu Sea - Cebu
A Mongolia Supports A Shanghai - Peking
A Nanchang - Shanghai
F Sarawak Supports F Borneo - Celebes Sea
A Shanghai - Peking
A Sinkiang Supports A Kashmir - Kashgar
F South China Sea Supports F Upper Pacific - Formosa
F Sulu Sea - Cebu
F Sumatra Supports F Malaya - Andaman Sea
F Sunda Sea - Sulu Sea
F Upper Pacific - Formosa
A Yunnan - Chungking
A Akita, no move received
F Kyoto, no move received (*Disbanded*)
F Port Arthur, no move received (*Disbanded*)
F Tokyo, no move received
A Armenia - Angora (*Fails*)
A Baku - Moscow (*Fails*)
F Constantinople Hold
A Odessa Supports A Baku - Moscow
A Rumania Supports F Constantinople
A Cebu - Davao
F Celebes Sea Hold (*Dislodged*)
F Formosa Hold (*Dislodged*)
F New Guinea Supports F Celebes Sea
F Angora Supports F Mediterranean Sea - Constantinople (*Disbanded*)
A Kashgar Hold (*Dislodged*)
A Manchuria - Port Arthur
A Moscow Hold
F Okhotsk Sea - Tokyo (*Fails*)
A Orenburg Supports A Moscow
A Otaru - Akita (*Fails*)
F Sea of Japan Supports F Yellow Sea - Kyoto
A Seoul Supports A Manchuria - Port Arthur
A Vladivostok - Manchuria
F Yellow Sea - Kyoto

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