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Posted:Oct 15, 2010 at 7:30 pm
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At the beginning of this game, I was hoping for the usual; a Juggernaut with Turkey.  However, I have been burnt by Turkey before.  So, I ensured that I could not be burnt by arranging a stand-off in the Black Sea.  Communication with Austria was good and a DMZ was arranged for Galicia.  However, thinking that I had a good understanding with Turkey, Austria became the first logical target.  Therefore, I moved all possible units south to work with Turkey against Austria.  On the Northern side, I hoped for the best and made good faith overtures with both England and Germany hoping that I would be able to occupy Sweden; either with Germany's good will in the fall or with England's support the following spring.
I was shocked by the results of Spring 1901 when Turkey occupied Armenia.  Knowing that there was a stand-off in the Black Sea, it seemed odd for him to move into Armenia.  However, I was still hoping for the Juggernaut and Turkey explained that he was misled.  Ok, well enough; I assumed that he could see, with all of my units moving south, it would be pointless to continue his attack on Russia.  On the other hand, my occupation of Galicia and Italy's occupation of Tyrolia was similarly shocking to Austria. Communications with Austria indicated that he was desperate for a friend.  So, I was very frank with Austria; "To have any hope of gaining Russia's friendship, Austria would have to vacate Rumania or risk losing Budapest.  Budapest was as risk since Russia could move Galicia to Budapest and Ukraine to Rumania."  Of course, by attacking both Budapest and Rumania, Austria could easily protect both simply by ordering Rumania to Budapest.  So, I moved Galicia to Rumania and hoped that Austria would either take my offer or move to protect Budapest.  I informed Italy that I would not attack Vienna to ensure that Italy would have the opportunity to do so.  Whether Russia gained Rumania or Italy gained Vienna; Austria would not have a build for 1901.
Again, I was shocked in the Fall of 1901 when Turkey failed to retreat from Armenia and allowed me to occupy the Black Sea, Austria vacated Rumania, and Germany allowed me to occupy Sweden.  I built an army in both St. Petersburg and Sevastopol in order to protect my northern border from possible English incursion and to block Turkish aggression.  England was very adamant that he would take a fleet build in St. Petersburg as a direct threat to England.  He proffered that I leave St. Petersburg unoccupied.  When I informed him that I would compromise and build an army instead, this was no better in England's opinion.  I was comfortable with my non-aggression agreement with Germany.  With France in the Ruhr, there was very little chance that Germany would be coming east.  For England to insist that I would be imposing a direct threat by building anything at all in St. Petersburg, only told me that he had his eye on St. Petersburg.  Eventually, England offered me a "deal" that made Russia's build in St. Petersburg acceptable; favorable only to England.  The best option left to me by this "deal" was to inform Germany of the plan and work with him instead.  I don't know that it was obvious at this point that France and England were allied against Germany; but, it seemed like a relatively safe bet.  So, I did my best to ensure that Germany felt like he needed to deal with me because HE needed an ally.  Besides, since Germany allowed me to occupy Sweden, it seemed only fair that I should return the favor and support Germany against England.
On my Southern border, Austria did a very good job of making me feel like his vacating Rumania was the peace overture I had asked for.  I took the bait, hook, line and sinker.  I knew that if Austria stabbed me that I would lose the fleet in the Black Sea.  It was a crippling blow when he did indeed stab me and the fleet was lost.  Still, it seemed to me at the time like I had Austria on my side; he was desperate enough for a friend to vacated Rumania a season earlier.  So, when Austria and Turkey joined to disband my fleet and take Rumania from me, I was disappointed but not completely shocked.
Two things happened in the Autumn of 1902 (the retreat phase); first, knowing that I was going to break even with the supply count and would be able to rebuild my Rumanian army in Warsaw, I retreated off-the-board.  I and Austria had successfully stabbed each other; to retreat to Galicia would only have made it perfectly clear that Russia intended to continue its attack on Austria.  Therefore, by retreating off-the-board, I was hoping to regain Austria's trust and attempt to pull the Austrian/Turkish alliance apart.  I even offered peace to Turkey and did my best to point out how pointless his attack on me was; yet another effort to revisit forging the Juggernaut.  Austria and Turkey both rebuffed my efforts.  Second, I decided to make an effort to form the now victorious French/German/Russian alliance by explaining to France that Russia would continue to support Germany against England.  Therefore, Germany would continue to have the strength to rebuff France and England's attacks; now was a good time to change sides.  As Simon has already explained, I really didn't have too much convincing to do.
From there on, the rest of the game was very predictable. My one regret in the game is that I did not make another effort to join forces with Turkey after the Fall of 1903 when he finally pulled out of Armenia.  I would have gladly joined forces with Turkey; forming the Juggernaut at long last.  However, I thought I had made it perfectly clear after his rebuff at the end of 1902 that I would make no further effort until he contacted me.  Also, by this time, I was well entrenched with Germany and France.  Form an alliance with Turkey at this point?  This seemed pointless to me because I would have to stab him at some point.   I was very comfortable and happy with my alliance with Germany and was not going to stab him.  Still, what could have been . . . I wonder now.
Thanks again to Tim for running a well managed game.  I enjoyed playing with all of you and look forward to meeting you again . . . let the battle lines be drawn!
Best Regard,                Darryl (Russia - DipKnight(at)

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