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Subject:< DC 335 Spring 1903 Results >
Topic:< dc335 >
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Posted:Sep 02, 2010 at 5:36 pm
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A little late, sorry about that. That what happens when you try to
play a ‘quick’ game of Civ IV….
Nothing to report this season other than thanks for the timely
orders all written perfectly. The Fall deadline will be Thursday September 9th
at 21:00 GMT. Map and DPY (who knew people actually used the .dpy!) Let me know
if there are any errors.
There was one retreat, given this is a spring move I auto
retreated it.

A Budapest - Rumania

A Rumania - Bulgaria

A Serbia Supports A Rumania - Bulgaria

F Trieste Hold

A Vienna - Galicia (*Bounce*)


A Belgium - Ruhr (*Disbanded*)

A Holland - Denmark (*Bounce*)

F London - Wales (*Bounce*)

F North Sea Convoys A Holland - Denmark

F Skagerrak Supports A Holland - Denmark


A Burgundy - Belgium

F English Channel - Wales (*Bounce*)

F Gulf of Lyon - Tyrrhenian Sea

A Marseilles - Piedmont

A Picardy Supports A Burgundy - Belgium


F Helgoland Bight Supports A Kiel - Denmark

A Kiel - Denmark (*Bounce*)

A Munich - Kiel (*Bounce*)

A Ruhr - Kiel (*Bounce*)


F Ionian Sea Convoys A Tunis - Greece

A Naples - Apulia

A Tunis - Greece (*Bounce*)

A Venice Hold


A Moscow Supports A Sevastopol

A Norway Hold

A Sevastopol Hold

F Sweden Supports A Norway

A Ukraine Supports A Sevastopol

A Warsaw - Galicia (*Bounce*)


A Armenia - Sevastopol (*Fails*)

F Black Sea Supports A Armenia - Sevastopol

A Bulgaria - Greece (*Dislodged and retreated to Constantinople*)

F Constantinople - Aegean Sea
I auto retreated the Turkish Army from Bulgaria to Constantinople.
Let me know if you want this to be retreated off the board.
Thanks all,

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