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Posted:Apr 18, 2011 at 1:28 pm
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Yeah, Mac’s are just awesome!



From: Warren Fleming

Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 2:13

To: welsh_stroud(at)msn.com;
musclecat(at)ntlworld.com; dc347(at)diplomaticcorp.com; tim_crosby(at)hotmail.com;
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Subject: DC 347, Spring 1907


Hi guys,


Here is the spring turn. Two
retreats due by tomorrow, April 19 at 17:00 MDT


Russian fleet Aegean Sea can retreat to Smyrna,
Eastern Mediterranean or OTB.

Italian army Venice can
retreat to Tuscany, Trieste or OTB.


Here is the turn:



F Barents Sea - Norwegian Sea

A Edinburgh - Norway

F Livonia
Supports F St Petersburg(sc) (*Cut*)

F North Sea Convoys A Edinburgh
- Norway

F St Petersburg(sc) Supports F Livonia

F Sweden



A Belgium

F Gulf
of Lyon Hold

A Piedmont - Venice

F Tunis Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea

A Tyrolia Supports A Piedmont - Venice

F Tyrrhenian Sea Hold

F Western Mediterranean Supports F Tyrrhenian



A Berlin - Prussia

A Bohemia Supports A Munich - Silesia

F Denmark

A Munich - Silesia (*Bounce*)

A Prussia
- Livonia



A Budapest - Rumania

F Greece
Supports F Ionian Sea - Aegean Sea

F Ionian Sea - Aegean Sea

F Naples - Apulia

F Rome - Naples

F Tuscany - Rome

A Venice
Hold (*Dislodged*)



F Aegean Sea Supports A Constantinople - Bulgaria

F Black Sea - Constantinople

A Constantinople - Bulgaria

A Galicia
- Bohemia

A Moscow - Warsaw (*Fails*)

A Rumania
- Serbia

A Ukraine
- Rumania

A Vienna Supports A Galicia - Bohemia

A Warsaw - Silesia (*Bounce*)


I've attached a realpolitik file, so if you have it great.
If not I'll provide a map later tonight when I'm on a computer at home.






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