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Posted:Jan 27, 2012 at 8:37 pm
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Spring 1908 orders due Wednesday 1 Feb 2012 10 PM GMT

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And so we enter endgame... I've kept my comments to myself for the most part during this game, and I'll keep doing that now, but let me just say, this could get interesting.
Only one retreat, and since there was only one place to go (Moscow to Sevastopol) I went ahead and moved the unit. Gerry, let me know if you want something different.

Adjustments due Friday 27 Jan 2012 10 PM GMT (or sooner)
France Build 1
Germany Build 3Italy Remove 1Russia Remove 2
Spring 1908 orders due Wednesday 1 Feb 2012 10 PM GMT

France: F Edinburgh HoldA Gascony - SpainF Gulf of Lyon - Tyrrhenian SeaF Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Western MediterraneanF Naples HoldA Piedmont Hold

A Rome - ApuliaF Tunis Supports F Gulf of Lyon - Tyrrhenian SeaA Venice Supports A Trieste
Germany: F Baltic Sea - Gulf of BothniaA Budapest Supports A Rumania - Serbia (*Cut*)

F Holland HoldA Livonia Supports A St Petersburg - MoscowA Munich - BohemiaF North Sea HoldA Norway HoldA Prussia - WarsawA Rumania - Serbia (*Disbanded*)

A Silesia Supports A Prussia - WarsawA St Petersburg - MoscowA Trieste Supports A Rumania - Serbia (*Cut*)A Tyrolia - Vienna
Italy: A Albania - Trieste (*Fails*)

A Serbia Supports A Albania - Trieste (*Cut*)
Russia: A Galicia - Budapest (*Fails*)A Moscow - Warsaw (*Dislodged*)A Sevastopol - RumaniaA Ukraine Supports A Sevastopol - Rumania

Turkey: F Aegean Sea - Ionian SeaA Bulgaria Supports A Sevastopol - RumaniaA Constantinople Supports A BulgariaA Greece Supports A BulgariaF Ionian Sea - Adriatic Sea

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