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Subject:< DC450 Spring 02 -- Fall due 04/20 >
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Posted:Apr 18, 2013 at 9:32 pm
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24 hour (roughly) notice.

And a couple of quick things to mention:

I know we have some new players here. Even if you don't plan to run any diplomacy games, it helps to get a copy of Realpolitik. That way, you can do a bit of what-if analysis of other players moves compared with your own. It has helped me a time or two to find moves which were more successful, no matter what the other player did. The second thing it allows is for you to see if a move is valid. I will answer rule questions happily, but I don't like to send out emails saying your moves are invalid. One warning, then I just leave them as invalid.

Second, please send moves for all units, even if they are just all hold. getting half complete order lists makes for a confused GM sometimes.

Now, get me those moves! Smile


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Subject: FW: DC450 Spring 02 -- Fall due 04/20

What I get for not paying attention. Now to everyone.

*sigh* This has been a long week.


-----Original Message-----
From: joral(at)darkenedpath.com
Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2013 12:03am
To: "Jeremiah Attento"
Subject: DC450 Spring 02 -- Fall due 04/20

And it looks like this time there was some miscommunication between players, as several supports are entered for moves which did not materialize. Oh well. That's the way the game goes.

Again, please check that I got the newest moves from everyone (I'm fairly certain).

Fall 02 Will be Saturday (04/20) at 00:00 (Friday (at) 8PM).


A Budapest Supports A Vienna - Trieste
F Greece Supports F Rumania - Bulgaria(ec) (*Void*)
A Serbia Supports F Rumania - Bulgaria(ec) (*Void*)
A Vienna - Trieste (*Fails*)

F English Channel Supports F North Sea
A London - Wales
F North Sea Convoys A Norway - Denmark
A Norway - Denmark

A Belgium Supports A Paris - Picardy
F Brest Supports F Portugal - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Marseilles, no move received
A Paris - Picardy
F Portugal - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Spain - Gascony

F Berlin - Kiel
F Denmark - Skagerrak
A Holland Hold
F Kiel - Helgoland Bight
A Munich Supports A Vienna - Tyrolia (*Void*)

F Naples - Tyrrhenian Sea
A Trieste - Vienna (*Fails*)
A Tyrolia Supports A Trieste - Vienna
A Venice - Apulia

A Moscow Supports A Sevastopol
F Rumania Hold
A Sevastopol Supports F Rumania (*Cut*)
A St Petersburg - Norway
F Sweden Supports A St Petersburg - Norway
A Ukraine Supports F Rumania

A Armenia - Sevastopol (*Fails*)
F Black Sea - Rumania (*Fails*)
A Bulgaria Supports F Black Sea - Rumania
A Constantinople Supports A Bulgaria

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DC450 Spring 02 -- Fall due 04/20 (Joral) Apr 18, 09:32 pm

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