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Posted:Aug 20, 2013 at 11:02 am
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Wow, I should have written this sooner... it has been a while.

Congratulations Simon on another Solo. However this is not how I wanted this game to end.

I decided to play again after being a GM for a few games; I had seen Simon play in one of my games and I knew him to be determined and to take any advantage possible. I had hoped to build a 4-6 person alliance against Simon as soon as I knew he was going to play Russia (again). I started to talk with Germany, Turkey, Austria and Italy about what we could do to work against Russia. It seemed to me that no one was taking me seriously and I really didn't get too far with this plan. Germany was perhaps the only person to consider my thoughts, but I made a mistake and sent an email to Germany that should have gone to Russia.

Even though I was plotting against Simon, I was also trying to hedge my options. I was talking with Simon, Steve and Isaac to see where my best alliance might be. By showing my hand to Steve by mistake, I lost any hope alliance with him and he evidently made it his mission to take me out. So even until the Fall of 02, I had not fully decided if I was going to work with Simon or Isaac. But with Simon's stab in Norway, I realized that I too was going to fall victim to Simon's empire. There was a point around spring of 04 where I thought I that Steve might
be interested in working with me again. If that had worked out, we
might have been able to slow Simon somewhat.

On one hand, I was hoping that Isaac would take a stronger role in this game early on. To me it seemed that for several seasons Isaac didn't do anything. I had tried to promote the idea of working against Germany with me, but by Spring of 05 it seemed clear that Germany and France were in an alliance to take me out.

On the other hand, I was grateful that Isaac waited so long to start attacking me. I had been under attack from Germany, but Simon came to my "rescue" and kept Steve busy. I don't claim to be good at this game, but I was truly amazed that I was able to stay alive and hold on for 4 game years. Simon - thank you for helping me even when it slowed down your game.

As much as we all don't like to admit it, taking supply centers is how
this game is won - even if happens to be open and/or controlled by a
friend. Players seem to be concerned about fair-play and honoring
commitments. However, that is NOT this game. Simon has shown us, if we
care to see it, that to win this game a player must take ANY advantage
presented. We will all be better players when we learn that (and to send emails to the correct addresses!)

What I have learned from DC450 is that I am not good at this game. I LOVE the game, I plan to run more games as GM, but I think my enjoyment of the game will mostly come from watching others play... but don't be surprised to see me play once in a while.

Thank you everyone for a fun game!


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