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Posted:Sep 10, 2013 at 1:58 pm
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English Army in Picardy Destroyed by German Forces!
***Autumn (retreats) 1904 Deadline is tomorrow Wednesday 11th at 18:00 GMT. I will relay Italy's retreat to you as soon as it reaches me marked FINAL. ***

English A Pic destroyed, NRPItalian A Venice can retreat to Tyrolia or Tuscany or Rome.
***Winter (builds) 1904 deadline is Thursday 12th September 18:00 GMT****

Austria:   Remove  1 for 1England:   Remove  1 for 3France:    OutGermany:  Build  3 for 12Italy:    No change for 7
Russia:    Remove  1 for 5Turkey:     Build  1 for 6

Austria: F Adriatic Sea - VeniceA Apulia Supports F Adriatic Sea - Venice

England: F Edinburgh - Norwegian SeaF Mid-Atlantic Ocean Supports F Picardy - English ChannelA Norway - Sweden (*Fails*)F Picardy - English Channel (*Disbanded*)
F Portugal Hold
Germany: F Belgium - PicardyA Brest Supports F Belgium - PicardyF London - English Channel (*Bounce*)F North Sea Supports F London - English Channel
A Paris Supports A BrestA Prussia Supports A Silesia - WarsawA Silesia - WarsawA Sweden Supports A Norway (*Ordered to Move*)A Yorkshire - Liverpool

Italy: F Ionian Sea - Adriatic SeaA Marseilles - PiedmontF Spain(sc) HoldA Trieste Supports A ViennaF Tunis - Ionian SeaA Venice Supports A Trieste (*Dislodged*)
A Vienna Supports A Trieste
Russia: A Budapest Supports A Rumania - Sevastopol (*Fails*)A Galicia - Rumania (*Fails*)F Norwegian Sea - North Atlantic Ocean
A Rumania - SevastopolA Serbia Supports A BudapestF St Petersburg(nc) Supports A Norway (*Ordered to Move*)
Turkey: F Aegean Sea - Bulgaria(sc)F Black Sea Supports A Bulgaria - Rumania
A Bulgaria - RumaniaF Greece Supports F Aegean Sea - Bulgaria(sc)A Smyrna - Armenia
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DC460 Puppetmasters Fall 1904 results (Cartesian) Sep 10, 01:58 pm

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