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Subject:< 1740: War of the Austrian Succession >
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Posted:Oct 16, 2013 at 9:42 pm
Edited:Oct 17, 2013 at 12:07 am
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This is a variant I have been formulating myself and with the help of other developers. The game is set just after the first year of the First Silesian War that saw Prussia conquering Silesia and igniting the War of the Austrian Succession. The game begins in Spring 1741.

The Major Powers:
Ottoman Empire

There are 41 SC's, 23 controlled by the major powers, 18 neutral, and 21 needed to win.

Special Rules:
-Gibraltar is passable and considered a coastal space, movement by both fleets and armies is possible. Gibraltar is not an SC, but contains a British fleet to begin with supplied from Liverpool. Gibraltar divides the coastline of Andalusia, but does not break up the coast of Morocco. Gibraltar is considered a sea space for convoys.

-There is a land bridge between Ire and Edi that allows armies to pass.

-A French army begins in Lor supplied from Paris. This is to simulate the importance Versailles placed upon the Rhineland.

-Crimea becomes a Russian home center if captured and held to the fall build by a Russian player. After which time Russian units may be placed in the Crimea as if it were a Russian center from the start of the game.

Initial Setup
Great Britain: F Gibraltar, F London, F Edinburgh, A Hanover
France: A Paris, A Marseilles, A La Rochelle
Spain: F Madrid, A Naples, F Valencia
Austria: A Vienna, A Budapest, A Brussels, A Agram
Prussia: A Berlin, A Breslau, A Konigsberg
Russia: F St. Petersburg, A Moscow, A Kiev
Ottoman Empire: F Cairo, A Constantinople, A Angora

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