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(Deluge - Ice Station Zero)

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Posted:Mar 18, 2008 at 4:01 am
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Dear Players. It seems that our players are much more thorough in looking at the rules. Two situations have been asked of me that now require clarification. (Trout - can you please add the clarified rules to the deluge wiki site).

The main one of this is the A/F rules. It seems that when you are moving an army across one sea space you cannot create an a/F; you must convoy (or fast ferry). Given this new information, In fall 1901 Italy fleet in the ION was seen to CONVOY the army to Greece. My decision on that matter is final. POINT 2 G now applies from the start of Spring 1902.


1. Creation of coasts. When a land space sinks at the end of a winter, coastal provinces may be created. If there are ANY fleets BUILT in these territories that will have multi coasts, the player must decide during the current WINTER which coast the fleet will be on. For established fleets, the GM will assign a coast based on the previous fall move.

Eg at the end of winter 1901, venice sinks creating 2 coasts in ROME, Piedmont and Tuscany.

if Italy builds a fleet in Rome, he must declare a coast.

If France had move a fleet to piedmont, it would be placed on the gulf of lyon coast side.

If a fleet had been moved to Tuscany, it would be placed on the gulf of lyon coast side.

2. Convoy (also know as fast Ferry in some versions of the game)
A fleet that carries an army over one sea space is convoying or fast ferrying. That is classified as it's move. If a CONVOY fails, then an A/F is created.

3. Army- Fleet Rules.

a) An A/F may only consist of two units belonging to the same country. IF a resulting move would see a creation of a multi-country A/F then the Army is returned to space it embarked from.

b) An A/F has the same "combat factor" as a single fleet; it may attack, support or be supported.

c) An A/F cannot convoy another army.

d) An Army cannot board an A/F.

e) An A/F can only exist in a sea space - it cannot be ordered to a coastal province as an entity - but it may support some other unit into a coastal province.

f) If an army is ordered to board a fleet, and the A/F is prevented from moving to another sea space the A/F remains intact.

g) If an army is ordered to board a fleet, and the fleet is attacked from another sea space, or if the fleet is ordered to support another unit, the army is considered to have failed to board and it remains in its land province. This is true even if the fleet successfully defends itself against attack.

h) A fleet which lands an army in a coastal province, before making a move, may then support that army to land as its move, or it may move elsewhere. If an army's disembarkation fails, the A/F remains intact and any orders for fleet movement will not be carried out.

i) A fleet may not simultaneously land one army and pick up another.

j) If an A/F is annihilated, then both units are removed from the board.

k) An A/F can be ordered to HOLD. (ie A Lon embarks F Nth, a/F nth Holds)

l) Retreats, Dislodgements and Annihilation. If an A/F is dislodged whilst trying to disembark its A, this move fails and the A and F must retreat together. If an A/F is dislodged and can only retreat to a land space (no suitable sea space being available), the F may retreat but the A is destroyed.

m)Where an A disembarks from the F, and the F then moves away without supporting the A; if the now vacated sea space is then occupied by another unsupported F or A/F, the A disembarkation succeeds; if the second occupation is supported, the disembarkation fails and the A continues with the F.

SO - Now you are completly confused.


A(Lon) E F(ENG); A/F(ENG) - MAO; A(MAO) D Por.
A/F(ENG); A(ENG) D Bre; F(ENG) - NTH.
A/F(ENG); F(ENG) S A(ENG) D Bre.
F(ENG) convoys A(Lon) - Bre.


A(Lon) E F(ENG); F(ENG) S A(Lon) - Bre.


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