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(Standard - Midsummers Night Stab)

Subject:< DC172 Midsummer Night's Stab - Fall 1603 - A Midsummer Night's Dream >
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Posted:Jun 07, 2008 at 11:37 am
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Bless thee Bottom, bless thee! Thou art translated...

There's high adventure in the North Seas as Denmark and England swap centers. Meanwhile our new Frenchman conducts business admirably despite the slight handicap while Sweden takes a hit and the Ottoman Empire gets diced. My thanks to Rob, the Chicken of Bristol, for stepping in and manning that sinking ship.

Two retreats are required, although one is slightly irrelevent. Spain has to relocate the army in Tuscany and the Ottomans need to relocate their unit in Constantinople. We'll space the Autumn and Winter phases out slightly longer, this time around, to accomodate our travelling players schedule. Deadline for Early Winter 1603 retreats will be set for Wednesday, June 11th (11:59 PM GMT).

Please let me know if you spot any errors. Cheers folks!


Movement results for Fall of 1603. (DC172 03 FALL)

Denmark: F Norwegian Sea Supports F North Sea - Scotland.
Denmark: F North Sea - Scotland (*Fails*).
Denmark: F Ireland Hold.
Denmark: F Cornwall - Wales (*Bounce*).
Denmark: A Westphalia - Lorraine (*Fails*).
Denmark: A Netherlands Hold.
Denmark: A Holstein - Mecklenburg.
Denmark: A Scania - Smaland.

England: F Scotland - North Sea (*Fails*).
England: A Yorkshire - Wales (*Bounce*).
England: F London Supports F Scotland - North Sea.

France: A Savoy - Tuscany.
France: F Bay of Biscay - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Bounce*).
France: A Paris - Burgundy (*Bounce*).
France: F Gascony - Navarre (*Fails*).
France: A Provence Supports A Savoy - Tuscany.

HabsburgEmpire: A Greece Supports A Anatolia - Constantinople.
HabsburgEmpire: A Illyria Supports A Greece.
HabsburgEmpire: A Serbia Supports A Anatolia - Constantinople.
HabsburgEmpire: A Slovakia - Moravia.
HabsburgEmpire: A Silisia - Great Poland.
HabsburgEmpire: A Venice Hold.
HabsburgEmpire: A Bavaria - Lorraine.
HabsburgEmpire: A Saxony Supports A Bavaria - Lorraine.
HabsburgEmpire: A Warsaw Supports A Volhynia - White Russia.
HabsburgEmpire: A Cracow Supports A Warsaw.

OttomanEmpire: F Constantinople Hold (*Dislodged*).
OttomanEmpire: F Aegean Sea Supports F Constantinople.

Russia: A Anatolia - Constantinople.
Russia: F Crimea - Black Sea.
Russia: A Volhynia - White Russia.
Russia: A Ukraine Supports A Volhynia - White Russia.
Russia: A Uralsk - Moscow.
Russia: A Tula Supports A Novgorod - Pskov.
Russia: A Novgorod - Pskov.
Russia: A Archangel - Ingria (*Fails*).

Spain: F Libya - Ionian Sea.
Spain: F Egypt Hold.
Spain: A Tuscany - Provence (*Dislodged*).
Spain: F Flanders Supports A Netherlands.
Spain: F Navarre Supports F Granada - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Cut*).
Spain: A Castille Supports F Navarre.
Spain: F Granada - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Bounce*).
Spain: A Languedoc - Burgundy (*Bounce*).

Sweden: A Hesse Supports A Great Poland - Brandenburg.
Sweden: A Great Poland - Brandenburg.
Sweden: A Mazovia - Pomerelia.
Sweden: A White Russia - Mazovia.
Sweden: A Pskov - Estonia.
Sweden: A Karelia - Finland.
Sweden: A Ingria Hold.
Sweden: F Gulf of Bothnia Supports A Ingria.
Sweden: F Baltic Sea Hold.

The following units were dislodged:

Ottoman F Constantinople can retreat to Armenia or Bulgaria.
Spanish A Tuscany can retreat to Rome or Romagna or Milan.

Unit locations:

Denmark: F Norwegian Sea, F North Sea, F Ireland, F Cornwall, A Westphalia, A
Netherlands, A Mecklenburg, A Smaland.
England: F Scotland, A Yorkshire, F London.
France: A Tuscany, F Bay of Biscay, A Paris, F Gascony, A Provence.
HabsburgEmpire: A Greece, A Illyria, A Serbia, A Moravia, A Venice, A Lorraine,
A Saxony, A Great Poland, A Warsaw, A Cracow.
OttomanEmpire: F Constantinople, F Aegean Sea.
Russia: A Constantinople, F Black Sea, A White Russia, A Ukraine, A Moscow,
A Tula, A Pskov, A Archangel.
Spain: F Egypt, F Ionian Sea, A Tuscany, F Flanders, F Navarre, A Castille,
F Granada, A Languedoc.
Sweden: A Hesse, A Brandenburg, A Pomerelia, A Mazovia, A Ingria, F Gulf of
Bothnia, F Baltic Sea, A Finland, A Estonia.

Ownership of supply centers:

Denmark: Ireland, Netherlands, Bremen, Holstein, Jutland, Zealand, Scania,
England: Scotland, Wales, London.
France: Savoy, Paris, Gascony, Burgundy, Provence.
HabsburgEmpire: Greece, Transylvania, Western Hungary, Serbia, Bohemia,
Austria, Croatia, Venice, Lorraine, Bavaria, Warsaw, Cracow.
Russia: Anatolia, Constantinople, Central Asia, Azerbaijan, Crimea,
Bessarabia, White Russia, Voronezj, Moscow, Novgorod.
Spain: North Africa, Egypt, Rome, Flanders, Naples, Castille, Granada,
Sweden: Pomerania, Brandenburg, Prussia, Finland, Estonia, Stockholm,

Denmark: 8 Supply centers, 8 Units: Builds 0 units.
England: 3 Supply centers, 3 Units: Builds 0 units.
France: 5 Supply centers, 5 Units: Builds 0 units.
HabsburgEmpire: 12 Supply centers, 10 Units: Builds 2 units.
OttomanEmpire: 0 Supply centers, 2 Units: Removes 2 units.
Poland: 0 Supply centers, 0 Units: Builds 0 units.
Russia: 10 Supply centers, 8 Units: Builds 2 units.
Spain: 8 Supply centers, 8 Units: Builds 0 units.
Sweden: 7 Supply centers, 9 Units: Removes 2 units.


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