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Subject:< DC203 Galad W03 12 Hr Grace Period >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Slack GM [sorry this is late] but even slacker players...

I am still missing FOUR sets of builds/disbands. Thus I decided to give the grace period. Note: it is shorter BUT
we have already gone over 24 hours past the original deadline.

Get those orders in!!!

From: kielmarch(at)hotmail.com
To: dc203(at)diplomaticcorp.com; cbconnell(at)gmail.com; jlqueiros3(at)hotmail.com; dougray30(at)yahoo.com; diplomacyworld(at)yahoo.com; mouldingandmillwork(at)yahoo.com; adeadgreekpoet(at)yahoo.com; nachowitheaglepowers(at)yahoo.com; kelly058(at)verizon.net; mike(at)southwall.com; stevelytton(at)hotmail.com; former.trout(at)gmail.com
Subject: DC203 Galad F03 Results
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 17:17:52 -0400

.ExternalClass .EC_hmmessage P {padding:0px;} .ExternalClass body.EC_hmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;} Austria Falls.
Russia Seems Positioned to Follow.
France Holds Steady While a Yellow Fever Seems Ready to Grip the Board.
Lots of Building This Round.

I wish the best to Craig. Thanks for hanging in there and best of luck next time. Feel free
to write an end game statement.

We have no retreats. Builds/disbands are laid out below. Deadline for Winter is Sunday Oct 5th 5pm CST.


dc203 Galad (Autumn 1903)


A(Hol) - Bel; F(NTH) s A(Hol) - Bel; F(ENG) - Bre (FAILED); F(IRI) - MAO; F(Nwy) - StP nc

A(Spa) Stands; A(Mar) - Bur; A(Pic) - Bre; A(Par) s A(Pic) - Bre; F(Bel) - Hol (FAILED, DISLODGED - DISBANDED NRP)

GERMANY (Christian)
A(Bur) - Pic; A(Mun) - Kie (FAILED); A(Sil) - War; A(Pru) s A(Sil) - War; F(BAL) - Kie (FAILED); F(Swe) Stands

ITALY (Brian)
A(Tyr) - Vie; A(Tri) - Ser; A(Alb) s A(Tri) - Ser; F(ADS) s F(ION); F(ION) Stands

RUSSIA (Andrew)
A(Gal) - Rum (FAILED); A(Bud) s ITALIAN A(Tri) - Ser; F(StP) sc - Lvn; F(BAR) - NWG; A(Mos) - War (FAILED, DISLODGED - DISBANDED NRP)

F(Gre) Stands; A(Bul) - Rum; A(Con) - Bul; A(Sev) s A(Ukr) - Mos; A(Ukr) - Mos; F(AEG) s F(Gre); F(BLA) s A(Bul) - Rum

Autumn 1903 Adjustments:
A: -Ser = 0; Loses 1.
E: Bel, +StP, Edi, Lon, Lpl, Nwy = 6; Gains 1.
F: Spa, Bre, Par, Mar, Por = 5; No change.
G: Mun, +War, Swe, Ber, Den, Hol, Kie = 7; Gains 1.
I: +Vie, +Ser, Nap, Rom, Tri, Tun, Ven = 7; Gains 2.
R: Bud, -Mos, -StP, -Vie, -War = 1; Loses 4.
T: Gre, Rum, Bul, Sev, +Mos, Ank, Con, Smy = 8; Gains 1.

E: Builds 1
F: Builds 1
G: Builds 1
I: Builds 2
R: Removes 3
T: Builds 1

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