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Subject:< DC205 - A Troutish Intervention >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Heya folks,

From what I hear our game here is slightly under the weather. With all of your permission, of course, I'm happy to step in and run a couple turns until the winter storm conditions in the Antarctic clear up and we can get in touch with Dean once more.

Now, now, now.. Stop screaming. I promise, I'm not that bad of a GM. =P

What I need from you all is for you to please forward me the orders you've submitted to Dean for the current turn. I'll set a temporary deadline for Wednesday, October 8th (11:59 PM GMT) - but if I get all orders in before that I will adjudicate early.

On behalf of Dean and us mods, I do apologize about this little hiccup in the game. But what do you say - lets get it moving again, eh!

Cheers guys!


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Subject: Dc205 Update
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 11:03:47 +1000

Players of Dc205

At the moment, it seems some of you are having some trouble contacting your GM and your adjudication of 4th Pctober has not yet been emailed out.

We (the mods) are aware that Dean has been MIA for a little while now (a couple of NMRS in his games) and we are endeavouring to contact Dean.

We're hoping that Dean will be back online and ontop of things but if he doesn't - a temporary GM will step in a run DC 205 until his return - but we dont want to charge in yet since it's only been 3 days past the deadline.

Thanks for your patience and we will keep you updated.

Stephen Lytton
aka Deathblade_penguin (Knight of the Rose)
at www.diplomaticcorp.com

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