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("Two Abs" (Gunboat Aberration) GM: Felix)

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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Congrats Brian. I wish I would have cared about this game more. The game started just as my job took an unexpected turn for the worse, as most of you know. Then the rest of the summer had me battling my job, looking for a new one, and then finding a new place to live.

I thought the press at the beginning of the game was crucial. The powers that coordinated best I think all made it through. I think I survived, but I haven’t looked at a final map.

My initial intent was not to go towards Poland. But I think I ordered straight north with a unit or two, instead of ordering northwest and west like I did after those early moves north.
I briefly skimmed Poland’s EOG, and I think everything he wrote about our war looked correct.

The map was difficult as I only started with two home supply centers. I had to re-draw the map for Felix at the beginning of the game. That was fun. Not having centers names on the maps was difficult, and having it played with JDIP rather than the usual RP hurt. With games of more countries and provinces than the standard, I like sending out the file. With the FOG though, that couldn’t happen.

Maybe next time, Felix can send out one map with every adjudication that has the names of the provinces on the map.

Thanks Felix for your dedication with this game. I know there were some late submissions, me included earlier on in the game. The PRESS was very timely and the map creation was pretty difficult I bet.

To the rest, let’s do this again sometime.

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