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("Tears of Cassandra" (Ancient Med) GM: Trout)

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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Good game all… Can’t believe it’s been 10 years!

Ancient Med is a favorite of mine so I was happy Trout ran one… impeccably as always. So I got the solo here, I can’t say it’s totally earned, but hey a solo is a solo, and as you know what they say in Persia… I’m not going to poke a spitting camel in the… well never mind.

I got the 19, I’d say mostly due to the fact that Caleb is an awesome ally, and he refused to stab me since I refused to stab him. It was only at the end of the game when I lucked into Leptis (putting me at 17), and then Greece missed a build that I figured that is something that shouldn’t be passed up, so I went for it.

Lee I know you’ll point out that Caleb should have turned on me for like 3 years straight and yeah he probly should have, but Rome would never back down, and you wouldn’t help take out Rome, leaving him little choice in the matter. Also I think you should have taken Leptis when you had the chance. I don’t see why you were letting Cory stay there in such a focal spot when he wasn’t really helping you. If that was your fleet instead, it might have stalemated things.

Caleb makes a great partner, and any one lucky enough to get on his good side will likely have a game-long ally…

Cory of course I didn’t need your last dot, but couldn’t bring myself to stab Caleb and so I was just killing time looking for an opening. I didn’t expect to get it…

And Felix, well, missing that set of orders really early on pretty much hosed your game and left you playing 2nd harpsichord to Greece.

That’s about it! See you all next time,

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